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  • story by Nick Esquer
  • posted on 06/2022
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Jeremy Brendle’s namesake performance auto shop builds custom joyrides from the ground up

One of the silver linings of the last two years of the unpredictable and unprecedented events we all lived through is that we dived into our passions and curiosities more. Whether it was hiking or cooking, yoga or painting, America leaned to its hobbies to pass the time. One major hobby that saw a rise in interest was everything autos.

From joyrides to working on old cars in the driveway, car-based projects fueled our interests during the pandemic. The same can be said about Jeremy Brendle and his Brendle Concepts, a Litchfield Park-based customs shop that focuses on helping clients bring their ultimate customized car dreams to life through creative design, handcrafted materials, and a lot of imagination.


Brendle officially opened his shop last year during the thick of the pandemic but has been building and customizing vehicles since he was a teenager. His detailed and meticulous approach to applying handmade parts to cars, trucks, motorcycles—pretty much anything besides boats—has earned him a devoted clientele satisfied with the finished products. Whether it’s full body kits or unique wheel setups, Brendle helps clients imagine their rides as visionary works of art out on the road.

“The mission is to give our clients a one-of-a-kind experience. We offer handcrafted parts for individuals that are looking for something beyond what is currently available in the aftermarket industry. We strive to design a truly unique look based on a client’s personal style,” explains Brendle.

One of those recent projects includes a 2020 Mustang GT with a PP1 – 10A Transmission. Brendle included an 11-piece hand-fabricated fiberglass body kit with an OEM spoiler, heat extractors, and signature custom 20×10 wheels. Finished in a matte violaceous blue, the Mustang contrasts the brown and earthy desert floor as it glides across. That’s the kind of vision that Brendle wants to ensure is brought to life with every custom project.


“We believe every vehicle has a certain feel to it, whether that is more exotic and refined or racecar inspired. Our job is to take that feel and combine it with the client’s vision; to create a one-off and personalized work of art,” he adds.

During an initial consultation, the overall design is discussed, including the scope of the build, timeline, and budget. When the client is ready to commit to the build, Jeremy schedules the delivery of the vehicle and gets to work. From there, the templating phase helps clients envision what the various parts will look like on their vehicle, so any necessary adjustments can be made to the design. Once the templates have been finalized and the overall design has been approved, fabrication, body work, and priming the vehicle for paint are all completed.

Within this process Brendle gets to flex his creative muscles and utilize raw materials, instead of imports he needs to wait on due to supply chain issues. With his artistry and devotion to his craft, Brendle is helping clients realize their car’s, truck’s, or motorcycle’s full custom potential.


“In the next five years, we hope to have a continuously growing clientele that believes in owning truly custom vehicles as much as we do and allow us to make it happen for them.”

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