Venn Construction- Venn’s Vision

  • story by Stephanie Fogelson
  • posted on 08/2020
  • posted in: Newswire

The construction industry has always been one that is changing and evolving. But with the recent economic stress around COVID-19, the sector has become even more fluctuating. Regardless of pandemics or certain economic situations, there are always changes occurring. As the world around us shifts, so goes construction.

Venn Construction has seen its fair share of change in the commercial construction industry. Over time, we’ve had to look inward and reasses what our goals are and how we want to move forward as a partner to our clients. When Venn purchased the Arizona branch of RJM Construction in 2015, owner Nick Veldman recognized our strengths while mapping out the potential to build on existing developer relationships in order to deliver world-class vision, service, and operations. One of those major strengths rests in the ability to cultivate honest relationships while feeding our desire to make major financial leaps.

After a review of our clients, what we recognized was that we have been leading the charge in developing projects for companies in the healthcare industry. And while our focus is on helping clients see their vision come to life, we’ve been able to translate this into financial success, highlighting our ability to bring together a culture of relationship with the talent to feed our entrepreneurial spirit.


For example, at Venn, we tend to build a lot of surgery and ambulatory centers that contain complexed ventilation systems. Two years ago, while considering building out the C2 Indoor Shooting range in Scottsdale, we immediately noticed the similarities in the ventilation systems. (Who would have ever known that an indoor shooting range transports more sterile air than an active operating room?) So, while medical office and surgery centers are the strategic growth, we have several indoor shooting ranges, ice rinks, office renovations, car dealerships, and retail to add to our lineup of clients.

Despite the traditional “set revenue as a success metric,” our growth goals aren’t completely devoted to revenue goals. This sentiment, which is rare in a competitive commercial construction industry, highlights our emphasis on being able to wear many different hats, sharing attention with financial and cultural growth.

At Venn, our emphasis on relationships over other aspects of our daily tasks quickly proved beneficial. We believe in delivering personable communication and honesty in our business relationships. We have made the decision that although we may not be seen as the biggest in the industry, what we’re doing with culture is paving the way for more hands-on and deeply rooted connections, which will indeed lead to well-earned financial gains.


We want to create the best experience for developers, architects, and sub-contractors alike, giving everyone a seat at the table and the same experience as the person next to them. Our vision as a company is to seek out those who need more than just electrical work and facades. Instead, we look for clients who want to build lasting relationships centered on financial growth as much as cultural growth.

Throughout our history, every time we have faced adversity, we have only come back stronger and more knowledgeable. What’s more, we take pride in our ability to grow and cultivate genuine relationships with our clients. Venn will treat everyone professionally and ensure that all are listened to, not just heard.

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