2002 Porsche 996 GT2

Thank you for viewing another vehicle brought to you by Luxury Auto Collection in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. You can finally stop searching… You’ve found the one you’ve been looking for. Driven by many, but adored by more, the Porsche 996 GT2 GT2 / Euro Spec / Club Sport is a perfect addition to any home. Just what you’ve been looking for. With quality in mind, this vehicle is the perfect addition to take home. You could keep looking, but why? You’ve found the perfect vehicle right here. High-Performance Engineering The Porsche 996 GT2 is a high-performance variant based on the 911 Turbo platform, featuring a rear-wheel-drive layout and a powerful twin-turbocharged flat-six engine. The Euro Spec GT2 is tuned to deliver exhilarating performance, boasting around 462 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque. The Club Sport designation emphasizes track-ready enhancements such as lightweight construction, optimized aerodynamics, and enhanced handling dynamics. Raw and Agile Handling The 996 GT2 Club Sport prioritizes agile handling and precise control, thanks to its rear-wheel-drive configuration, limited-slip differential, and performance-focused suspension system. The Club Sport package typically includes upgrades like a roll cage, racing seats, and other track-oriented features, enhancing the car’s capabilities on the race track while maintaining a street-legal status. Lightweight Design To maximize performance and agility, the 996 GT2 Club Sport features a lightweight design achieved through the use of advanced materials and weight-saving measures. Components such as carbon fiber body panels, lightweight alloy wheels, and a stripped-down interior contribute to the GT2’s impressive power-to-weight ratio and dynamic responsiveness. Iconic Styling and Aerodynamics The 996 GT2 is instantly recognizable with its aggressive styling cues, including wider fenders, a distinctive rear wing, and unique aerodynamic elements designed to improve downforce and stability at high speeds. The


Vehicle GT2 / Euro Spec / Club Sport
Price $236,999
Miles 9,297 mi
Color Yellow
Registration LC695085
Drive Type Rear Wheel Drive


Year 2002
Make Porsche
Model 996 GT2
Vehicle GT2 / Euro Spec / Club Sport
Doors 2
Drive Type Rear Wheel Drive