Vault Auto Storage of Scottsdale: Fort Knox for Your Prized Cars

  • story by David M. Brown
  • posted on 01/2022
  • posted in: Newswire

Your valuable automobiles should be protected as if they were parked in a luxurious air-tight vault. Vault Auto Storage is newly-built, it’s superbly secure and it’s nearby in the Scottsdale Airpark.

Opened December 9, 2021, by Scottsdale residents Ron and Pam Evans, the 16,000-square-foot facility, 15882 North 77th Street, just south of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, provides rented vehicle storage and collection maintenance for one or more of your classic or exotic cars. They also provide event hosting.

“We have been able to build it the way we wanted for our collection of cars and automotive memorabilia,” says Evans, who bought the land three years ago after selling their healthcare company and took two years in design and city approval for the 70-car facility. “New construction for car storage facilities has not been done in the Airpark for a while, and all of the others in the area are all remodeled and retrofitted.”


The building is meticulously constructed –– just the way your collector cars were. Inside the block construction, on both sides of the wall furring, it’s insulated. The smart facility is climate controlled, has 24/7 video surveillance as well as fire and CO2 monitoring, he says. And, “Our knowledgeable staff is on site to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle,” Evans adds.

Featuring a 1,400-square-foot members-only lounge and a conference center for your event and business needs, game nights, F1 viewing parties and get-togethers with friends, The Vault is customer-centric. All interior design details are first-tier, with walnut millwork and 150-year old reclaimed wood for the bar, floors, and walls from a Kentucky tobacco barn.

Clients can choose from two membership levels and pay accordingly. Gold is social, providing access to the facilities and invitations to private events and get-togethers. The Vault’s open-space plan easily accommodates corporate events and parties of up to 200 people, so you can book your events here, too. Platinum Membership includes the Gold perks as well as concierge-level collection management and storage services. Members receive the use of the facilities during the week and one private event per year.


“We’re car owners ourselves, and we know that these vehicles are your passion, hobbies and in some cases, investments. They are often irreplaceable one-of-kinds and customs,” says Evans, who originally planned the facility to include space for the couple’s varying collection of 12–15 cars.

“Our concierge-level programs are designed to fit your vehicles and your lifestyle,” Ron says. These include fluid and fuel services, service and warranty work with our partners and battery tenders, if you don’t provide them for your cars.

In addition, Evans and his crew can prepare your vehicle with concours detailing and photography for one of the auctions or a private sale and can help locate desired cars. The Vault team can also arrange services from local shops and dealerships and deliver and pick up your car when it’s done.


Evans was raised on a farm in a small town of 500 people in Southern Illinois. His car passion started small and grew fast. “I got my first Hot Wheels in 1968 when I was 18 months old. A neighbor farmer had an original 289 Cobra which I used to get rides in starting when I was 5 years old, and I was hooked. I learned how to drive farm equipment when I was 8, with blocks on the pedals and telephone books on the seat.”

He had three cars before he was 18: a ’69 Triumph GT6 at 14 which he still owns, a Fiat X19, and a customized ’77 Toyota Celica. “I wanted to buy a ’69 Chevelle SS 396, but my dad said no,” he recalls with a smile. “I likely would have wrapped it around a telephone pole at 15.”

His dad wasn’t a farmer at heart, and he wanted to move to warm Arizona. After that happened in the early 1980s, Ron and Pam built their healthcare company while he also collected, bought and sold cars and acquired a small facility in the Airpark. After selling the business, he realized he wasn’t ‘wired to retire,’ so the couple acquired the land for today’s Vault Auto Storage of Scottsdale.

“Our goal is to be a one-stop shop, managing our clients’ cars or collections with the same commitment and joy we give ours,” Evans says. “The Vault is for car enthusiasts –– by car enthusiasts.”

For more information on Vault Auto Storage of Scottsdale, see, call 480.761.3800 or email for any automobile storage or event needs.