The Road to Recovery Soberman’s Estate Brings a Unique Approach to help men recover from addictions

  • story by Nick Esquer
  • posted on 01/2020
  • posted in: Newswire

For decades, those suffering some sort of ailment–whether it’s tuberculosis patients from the past or current patients needing to find some mental peace in the desert–have made a medical pilgrimage to the desert of Arizona. With lush natural landscapes, the peaceful surroundings of the Phoenix region have helped people with various personal illnesses get back on their feet.

The same can be said of Soberman’s Estate, a treatment center for men dealing with addictions such as alcoholism or substance use disorder. Located 30 miles north of Phoenix International Airport and resting among thousands of acres of healing Sonoran desert, the gated five-acre licensed treatment center is a place to seek privacy and get truly personalized and unique treatment.

For owner Mitch Prager, the goal was to create a therapeutic approach to handling life’s hardships that surround addictions such as substance use disorder. After seeing those close to him suffer and having lost a loved one from an opioid overdose and another from alcoholism, Prager, who’s been in recovery for over 21 years, created a one of a kind, comprehensive, effective treatment program to help men recover from addiction and addiction’s underlying issues such has anxiety, depression, and stress. Clients of Soberman’s Estate are typically high-profile men that seek low profile treatment. The Soberman’s Estate program is not at all the typical sanitarium-type outline many envision.


“We created a safe and comfortable environment for our clients where they quickly learn that a stay at Soberman’ Estate is a gift and not a punishment. The Estate was founded to be a comfortable, confidential retreat to heal. It’s more like a wellness center compared to a hospital,” he notes.

Instead of stark white walls and sterile-feeling hallways, the estate is sun-bathed and sprawling, and encourages a feeling of openness and trust. Unlike other treatment centers, Soberman’s houses only five men at a time, and with a three-to-one professional-to-patient ratio, those who go through treatment can expect a truly personalized experience that is medically and clinically sophisticated.
A World-Class Residential Treatment Center in Arizona.

“Each client who comes in receives a thorough diagnosis and their treatment plan is unique to them. We take the time to understand each client as an individual and adapt our 35-day signature residential recovery program for each client” adds Prager.


To illustrate this multi-layered approach to helping men through their unique dependency troubles, Soberman’s Estate signature treatment program is comprehensive, offering clinical, medical, physical, emotional and spiritual treatment modalities.

While psychiatrists and licensed professional counselors help clients, The Soberman’s team includes an NFL coach that teaches physical fitness, a yoga teacher that instills mindfulness and peace when they need it the most. The importance of inner-peace is expanded in activities that help clients take their minds off their struggles, including meditation, reiki, art therapy, and client’s enjoy the onsite; resort swimming pool, equestrian center for equine therapy, putting green, labyrinth walks, and hiking.

Another component of treatment that expands on the emphasis of a mind-body connection is the importance of a healthy diet. The menu is designed by a registered dietician and nutritionist and all meals are prepared by an Executive Chef who has 5 star resort experience.


Rest is another vital piece of recovery that is encouraged at Soberman’s Estate. Each guest will find their own personal solitude to reflect on their progress in spacious private or semi- private suites complete with five-star quality queen-size beds, comfortable furnishings, and space to journal and connect with their own thoughts on recovery.

But while helping men work on themselves during their stay at Soberman’s is key, it’s life after treatment that Prager puts an emphasis on.

“Our goal is to teach men how to enjoy life for the rest of their lives. We realize that we’re one link in the recovery chain. When a client leaves, we perform a commencement ceremony as opposed to a graduation ceremony, it’s a new beginning and we want them to stay connected to us. We make sure they have a support group wherever they go to,” he says.


If you or a loved has an addiction problem, we encourage you to call (480) 595-2222 for a confidential and complimentary consultation.