The Road More Traveled

By Land or By Water, Christopher Dixon Helps Clients See the Proper Payout for Accidents of All Kinds

Summer is fast approaching, meaning for most people throughout the country it’s the perfect time to take off on the open road for a classic summer road trip. And for luxury auto owners, it’s the ideal time to take the tarp off their favorite wheels for joyrides up the coast, through the country or for a night out downtown.
But while summer might be ideal to break out the exotic cars, having to protect them from everything from dings and dents to major collisions while behind the wheel can present many different challenges.

Should a major collision happen to your beloved luxury vehicle, Christopher Dixon of the Dixon Injury Firm in St. Louis, Missouri, is there to help.


Dixon opened his namesake law firm in 2015 with the goal of protecting not only the vehicles on the road but the people actually driving the cars or motorcycles or boats. The firm represents those who were injured through no fault of their own and the families of those wrongfully killed.  The common case types are car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death cases, dog bites, workers’ compensation cases, and medical malpractice cases.

“Our ultimate goal,” explains Dixon, “is to ensure injury victims are fully reimbursed for all of their harms and losses incurred from an accident. We work extremely hard to take as much of the stress out of the process as possible, while fighting aggressively to ensure our clients receive full compensation.”

Apart from getting his clients the most for the damage they experience, Dixon looks to take the pressure out of having to pay for long-lasting damages. While a busted bumper might not seem like a big deal, the internal impact it provides to someone with a pre-existing condition, for instance, might set them back further than they’d like in both finances and physical recovery.

Summer, as mentioned above, is not only a great time to take a classic or exotic car out for a joyride—it’s also a great time to head out to the lake or river with a boat or jet skis. With its many rivers and lakes nearby, the St. Louis area is no stranger to the occasional boating accident. And as the world shut down due to the pandemic in 2020, more and more people started to head to their nearby body of water with their favorite recreational vehicle. So, as auto accidents may have taken a dip in the pandemic due to less people out on the road, water-based incidents did not.

In fact, in 2020, 767 deaths occurred out on the water, with more than 3,000 injuries taking place in total in the United States.

“Boats are amazing. However, this unique type of entertainment comes with the potential for great injury. Boats are propelled by a metal blade spinning at very high speeds and travel very fast. These factors lead to very serious injuries and the loss of life if not properly respected,” notes Dixon. “My passion is helping those in all types of accidents who are injured through no fault of their own.”

Insurance companies often try to pay as little as possible for damaged vehicles in order to increase profits. If a vehicle is totaled, Dixon and his team step in to ensure proper comparisons are being made when determining the fair market value. This help to make up for the damage to someone’s car, whether it’s luxury or not, or boat, and their physical issues afterward.

“It is important that people understand their options within the law. Our firm ensures all options are pursued to ensure they receive the fair market value for their damaged vehicle.  If a vehicle can be repaired, we help our clients obtain rental cars while the vehicle is in the shop, as well as making sure they receive everything they are entitled to under the law,” explains Dixon.

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