The Mercedes-AMG EQE, AMG Goes E-Lectric

  • story by Trenton O. Gibson
  • photos by Dylan W. Hauptmeier
  • posted on 10/2023
  • posted in: Newswire

With the recent news of AMG’s downsizing from their iconic V8 signature, the future success of the brand will fall on the experience the new EV vehicles can provide. Evolution of the German auto tuner from bespoke coachwork levels of personalization to customers of Mercedes-Benz road cars, to in house performance division of Mercedes-Benz products, comes the next chapter in the company’s long history, battery technologies and electric performance development. Our week with the 2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE AMG gave us plenty of time to experience the genesis of the EV AMG line. We went into our week with the EQE AMG with the goal of determining whether or not AMG can bring that same level of excitement they had perfected with their iconic V8 cars, to this combustion-less EV.

Performance Figures:

90.6-khh Battery Capacity
617 Horsepower
701 lb-ft of torqueMercedes-AMG EQE
90.6-khh Battery Capacity
0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds
137 mph Top Speed
5,547 lb Curb Weight


Dynamic Plus Package
90.6-khh Battery Capacity
677 Horsepower
738 lb-ft of torque
90.6-khh Battery Capacity
0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds
149 mph Top Speed
5,547 lb Curb Weigh

For most automakers, styling an EV has been a challenge, customers are receptive to designs they know and are familiar with, but EV vehicles pose a new list of functionally away from the traditional model. Mercedes-Benz with their “large and in charge” philosophy of car design on their flagship models complements the aerodynamic shapes most efficient for EV range. The EQE AMG has the same size and proportions of the Mercedes-Benz EQS model at a slightly smaller scale. The aggressive front grille, trick exterior lighting, mango paint, and large multi-spoke alloy wheels, put the Mercedes-Benz AMG touch on the somewhat standard EV shape.

While the outside dimensions of the EQE AMG are closer to a ‘mid-size’ sedan, the interior cabin feels more like the larger, ‘full-size’ models from Mercedes-Benz. The clever packaging of the EV drive-train is the reason for more of the vehicle’s footprint being optimized for interior space, shrinking the exterior panels and shaping them to the most aerodynamic curves possible. The aggressive front bumper, and rear quarter panel cut outs carry over in similar style from models such as the C63 AMG S and AMG GT C/R. Even to the most casual of traffic, you feel confident the performance image AMG brings to any Mercedes-Benz is being recognized by those around you as something special.


The next generation of Mercedes-Benz vehicles this EQE AMG belongs to is defined by their interior. Bright LED ambient lighting has been taken a step further, lighting both the driver and passenger seats additionally to the already abundant surface trim lighting. Quality of the cabin materials are top notch, with build quality throughout reassuring customers they did not buy just an EV, but they bought a Mercedes-AMG EV. Burmester audio, 5 way driver and passenger messaging seat settings, and an infinite level of ambient lighting settings, and even more creature comforts will leave fans of an over the top driving experience satisfied.

Technologies like the dis-tronic cruise, lane assist, and blind spot warnings are smooth and invasive. You can tell these systems were designed to not get in the way of driving, but make the experience easier, unlike similar systems from other manufacturers. Mercedes’ next generation of large touch screen takes a spin or two to get used to. Thankfully however, buttons such as home, AMG performance, volume, charging, and climate make it easy to “get back” to the main vehicle controls without shuffling through multiple menus.

As quickly as the conversation changed from making EV’s fun, to being the fastest accelerating vehicles on the market, the focus has shifted to all around performance. Sure the sub 3.5….3.0 second 0-60 mph times will scare your friends, but they’d be even more terrified on a mountain road carrying over 5,000 pounds into a sharp right hander. This lack of handling and overall performance is where the EQE AMG shines above its competition. Our press car had the $5,400 optional AMG Carbon Ceramic front brakes, which was able to bring the car to a halt sharply without any of the “we’re not going to make it” surge common in over powered, under-braked vehicles. While brake pedal feel is practically nonexistent, the vehicle’s carbon discs, regenerative braking, and aggressive regenerative engine braking in the sport settings, drivers will find themselves in the preferred over braking rather than under braking.


Mercedes-AMG threw every trick in the book to get the EQE AMG to give the driver the handling characteristics of their lighter, ICE performance vehicles. With 265/295 Pirelli P Zero front/rear tires, and rear-wheel steering as standard on all EQE models, the EQE AMG is able to hide its mass well through corners with nothing but grip, grip, and rip. Pair the performance engineering by Mercedes-AMG with the EV recipe of an extremely low center of gravity, and you get a 5,547 lb. performance sedan to rival its older brother, the 4,200 lb E63 AMG S in the bends.

AMG proves once again they know a thing or two about making a fast Mercedes. The EQE AMG allows customers to have their mind bending 0-60 times AND a quality interior you’d only find on a Mercedes-Benz flagship model. Sure the EQE is no lightweight sports car, but with the wide, grippy Pirelli P Zero tires and rear-wheel steel, this heavy EV turns into a nimble sports sedan. What Mercedes-AMG have continued to do well is still delivering the option to have a nice and comfortable everyday driver. Some manufacturer’s are determined for even their sedans and SUVs to be “family sized sports cars”, without an alternative. However, the EQE AMG is still a $100K + Mercedes-Benz, with a quiet interior, smooth air suspension, and quality Burmester stereo… that just so happens to do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds without making a sound.

If the EQE AMG is going to be your first dive into electric performance cars, or electric cars in general, we would highly suggest it. We also suggest the installation of an at home car charger as well. The EQE AMG’s range of 225 miles and similar economy to 65 MPG means an at home charger is going to be your most convenient option for regular use. The 3rd party charging network is available as a backup should you find yourself needing some juice; but in our experience, is not quite there as the primary charging option for owners.

Seeing where Mercedes-AMG and their EV performance development goes from here will be exciting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see as the batteries get lighter and smaller, a proper revival of the SLS AMG Electric Drive next in the SLR-SLS-AMG GT family tree, but only time will tell.

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