The Future of the Performance Specialty Car Business is Anthem Motors…

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting with John and Tarja Panfil, owners and operators of a boutique car dealership specializing in the sales, service and parts of high performance sports and muscle cars – Anthem Motors. It’s hard to believe that this family owned business started only four years ago with just a few cars, and 2,000 square feet of space. Now in 12,000 square feet, Anthem Motors LLC has grown into a full service center for high performance specialty cars that utilizes top-of-the-line equipment – including Dyno and alignment machines – and maintains an in-house fabrication shop and parts warehouse. Although, their business growth has definitely increased their capacity and capabilities, it did not change the friendly and fun atmosphere that greets the customer at the front door. From do-it-yourself mechanics with limited budgets, to CEOs with limited time, anyone looking for high speed excitement is welcome.

When I met John and Tarja it became clear to me that their passion for this business is actually its driving force. In 2002, after years of the “suit and tie” life, John established Anthem Motors. His career history of new business development, heavy international travel, and intense business negotiations for mergers and acquisitions, led to what he calls “a little bang of mid-life crisis”. John decided to go back to his roots and enjoy the “simple life” of high performance cars – “the kind that gets your heart racing and adrenaline going”. I was lucky enough to enjoy a ride in one of the 550 hp Cobras John had at the shop. Needless to say, it blew me away – literally. Just a tap on the acceleration and this car took off like a jet. But, my enthusiasm did not compare to that of John’s. Not only does John revel in “testing” the merchandise with his customers, he is truly inspired by the performance and upgrade building – from design to fabrication – that he takes part in daily.

However, John’s wife Tarja has always been the “yin” to his “yang”. Her belief in adventures, and extensive business background, made her decision to support John’s new business venture an easy one. But, that’s not to say she had any idea that this business would soon take on a life of its own. Tarja is responsible for the marketing, web design, accounting, and the majority of computer work for Anthem Motors. Needless to say, she does enjoy an occasional drive in a car with the extreme horsepower to achieve 0 to 60 in seconds.

Anthem Motor’s mission is to achieve continuous growth as a unique performance sports car dealership, and to give every customer complete attention and an exhilarating driving experience. By combining John’s passion, business experience and in-depth expertise of sports cars, with Tarja’s talent in marketing, E-commerce and financing, the promise of business growth is unlimited.

The Place to Find Your First Sports Car or Custom Vehicle

Remember what it was like holding the keys to your first car? John sure hasn’t. Even though Anthem Motors is filled with high performance and specialty cars like: with Cobras, Ferraris, classic Fords and Chevys – with some price tags reaching six figures – John insists on a store atmosphere that is casual and down to earth. He believes that these cars deserve admiration, and customers should feel welcome no matter what their budget is. John understands that for some, privacy is a concern and is therefore willing to accommodate customers after hours.

Business growth at Anthem Motors has the upward momentum of a rocket ship. In planning for the future, John is currently seeking a new space, double in size, in order to accommodate short and long term business goals. Recently, he has integrated a vehicle search service to assisting customers in finding their dream car.

When asked what cars have been most popular lately, John answers with no hesitation: “Mustang Resto Mods and Superformance Cobras!” This year, the Superformance special construction line has added a Coupe and GT40 – which thankfully includes the advantage of modern air conditioning. Anthem Motors has been the front runner in new high performance additions to these vehicles, such as: 6-speed or automatic transmission, paddle shifter, specialty consoles, switches, sound systems and fingerprint keyless entries. John’s goal is to insure each customer a vehicle they can call a “one-of-a-kind dream machine.”

Please visit, or look through Highline Autos, to check out the variety of cars being sold. You will see an extraordinary inventory of sports & muscle cars including: Chevys, Porsches, Corvettes, Pontiacs, Ferraris, and a wide range of Hot Rods.

If You Can Dream It…It Can Be Built

What started with one lift and a single mechanic has grown into a full service, thriving auto shop. I bet John could never have predicted that one day he would be commissioned to build an authentic NASCAR UPS truck for Dale Jarrett, would be featured with his Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe on Dream Car Garage, or that he would be the first individual to put a paddle shifter in a Superformance Cobra.

At Anthem Motors, every day is unlike the next. It can start off by designing a new exhaust system for a Corvette, and end by personally retrieving a high dollar value Ferrari with lost keys and a sensitive car alarm for a customer. Anthem Motors is truly a combination of Dream Car Garage and Monster Garage – anything is possible!!” John truly enjoys designing and implementing new technology and upgrades for high performance cars. John’s motto is “If you dream it, I’ll build it.” His goal is to fulfill the automotive desires of each customer while respecting their price range.

Anthem Motors is prepared to take care of all your car service needs from tune-ups and performance upgrades, to engines installs and total restoration.

– Dyno tuning up to 1500 hp, 2 or 4 wheel, horse power,

torque & 1/4 mile time

– State-of-the-art alignment – same as in Ford GT40 plant

– Custom fabrication

– Body & paint

– Specialty car repair

– Performance & suspension upgrades including


– Premium builder for Cobras, Coupes & GT40’s

– Ferrari performance upgrades including 288 GTO style

rebodies for 308 & 328

– Ford Racing & Roush Performance vehicle upgrades

– Pontiac GTO performance upgrades including complete

body kits

– Pontiac Solstice & Saturn Sky V8 conversions

– Pick up & delivery services

– Emergency road calls

As an authorized Roush dealer Anthem Motors not only provides customers with top-of-the-line engines and performance parts, but can transform your Ford F150 truck or Mustang into a high performance Roush vehicle– with the looks, handling and power that bridges the gap between road and track.

Got Parts?

The growth of sales led to an increased need for parts and refurbishing services. Anthem Motors has this covered by providing name brand aftermarket and used parts, as well as maintaining an in-house fabrication shop for the “impossible to find” yet “completely necessary” parts that every car restorer needs at one time or another. The solid reputation of Anthem Motors has earned the trust of many name brand stores, and therefore qualifies them to sell a wide range of products. This is the place for Ford, Cobra, Ferrari or Pontiac enthusiasts. John and his crew know cars…let them help you find the right parts or upgrades for your car.

Where in the Valley is Anthem Motors?

No…not in Anthem. The name Anthem Motors comes from true definition of Anthem — “passion for song” — which in this case refers to the sweet sound of a roaring engine. This unique performance car boutique is rather centrally located in the I-17 / 101 corridor in north Phoenix, (I-17 west side frontage road just south of Deer Valley Rd) and minutes away from Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek, Glendale, Peoria & Sun City.

Visiting Anthem Motors is an incredibly exciting experience. You will leave with a new appreciation of sports and muscle cars, and the confidence of knowing that this is the place where your automotive dreams can come true.