The Fisker Tramonto & Latigo CS

Fisker Coachbuild, based out of Orange County, California is building on one of the world’s greatest hand-crafted experiences in car design – coachbuilding. They are crafting a line of automobiles that will redefine automotive performance, elegance and exclusive luxury. Founding partners Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler launched Fisker Coachbuild in January 2005 combining their decades of experience in the automotive industry to craft an exclusive line of automobiles.

The objective of Fisker Coachbuild is to combine beautiful design with existing world-class engineering. Their focus is on designing and manufacturing exclusive high-end sports cars, which will be limited in production. The 2006 Fisker Tramonto and Latigo CS will be limited to 150 units per design and sold under the Fisker brand name throughout the global market place.

These high-end sports cars will be designed and produced in Southern California and Europe. The designs will boast all of Fisker’s creative efforts over the past 15 years in the auto industry and will incorporate a number of dynamic elements. Koehler’s 25 years of expertise in 3D development and product quality will guarantee a smooth stream between the design and manufacturing process.

For many years, these two gentlemen had the rare opportunity to take part in creating truly legendary automobiles: timeless sports cars that inspire awe and admiration. Fisker and Koehler worked for renowned car companies like BMW, Ford and Aston Martin. And, like many entrepreneurs before them, there came a point when they realized that together, they could take it one step further. The dream was to follow their gut feelings – to put all their experience, energy and passion towards delivering cars that speak straight from the heart.

Henrik Fisker, Chief Executive Officer, has designed some of the most timeless pieces of art of the road today. He designed the Z8 roadster for BMW along with the DB9 and V8 Vantage for Aston Martin.

Bernhard Koehler, Chief Operating Officer, has over 25 years experience shaping car designs and business practices alike. Koehler began his career with BMW, where he first met Fisker, at BMW Design in Munich. Koehler later moved onto working alongside Fisker for Ford Motor Company where he and Fisker worked to bring the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage to life.

The first designs to come from Fisker Coachbuild recently made their North American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Both the Tramonto and Latigo CS boast the look and feel of timeless elegance. Fisker is solely responsible for the design using influences including the F/A 22 Raptor jet aircraft to achieve his signature style. Koehler created a new development process to bring the designs to life more efficiently. They created a streamlined production process allowing them to deliver an expertly finished, hand-crafted vehicle in a fraction of the time historically associated with coachbuild.

“To bring a car to market that true automotive enthusiasts can drive and enjoy, we have created a car company where the production process is built around the design – to allow emotion and performance to blend more harmoniously than ever before,” describes Bernhard Koehler, chief operating officer of Fisker Coachbuild.

“In Fisker Coachbuild, we have created something truly special. Not simply a new car company, but a new vision for what an exotic, high-performance, coachbuilt car can be,” explains Henrik Fisker, chief executive officer of Fisker Coachbuild. “We have combined extraordinarily beautiful design with existing world-class engineering to deliver a final product without compromise.”

The Tramonto is sculpted from the base architecture of a Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG. The SL55’s technological innovations, from the power-retractable hardtop, Active Body Control and safety systems remain untouched. However, the body is completely redesigned with new panels constructed from carbon fiber, aluminum and steel. In essence, they are building a new car with the best underpinnings in the industry.

The stance is low, the gaps between body panels are tight and the cars lines flow smoothly. With no visual bumpers, an ultra-modern back end and a longer looking hood line, the car is beautiful from every angle. On the inside, every visible surface is trimmed with the best Italian leathers and milled aluminum details. Fisker Coachbuild is so specialized that customers can trim their cars with the designer himself ensuring the most opulent color combinations. Other Fisker original accents include paddle-shift with Fisker-modified aluminum controls for manual style, improved cell phone storage and originality beyond compare.

“Acquiring, creating and owning a Fisker should be a fun and pleasurable experience. It’s about emotion. The same emotion you use when designing your next dream home or when choosing where to go for your next relaxing vacation,” explains Cristina Cheever, vice president marketing and communications for Fisker Coachbuild.

In terms of performance, for those that always want more — under the hood lays over 600 horsepower and 650 lb-ft delivering a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds. The top speed you ask? 202 mph.High performance brakes are also added with 15” in the front and 13” in the rear, for added stopping power. Customers may also choose from a long list of SL55 AMG options, such as Keyless Go or a Panorama roof, and all will be there for them when the coach build is complete. But it doesn’t stop there, Fisker can also transform the SL 600 and SL 65 for those who have not yet owned a V12. Deliveries of the Fisker Tramonto will commence in the second quarter of this year.

For those who don’t want to take the top down there is the Latigo CS (coupe sport). This elegant coupe begins its life as a BMW 6 Series or M6 Coupe. A new luxury sports coupe comes to life with Fisker styling cues using carbon fiber, aluminum and steel for the body. The front and rear dimensions are shortened, sculpted power dome lights are placed in the hood and the C-pillars are designed to flow in a sculpted manner and sit solidly over the rear wheel.

These body enhancements lend a solid unmistakable presence, while advanced aerodynamic sculpting creates a shape that is virtually invisible to the air. The interior is a spacious, high-performance, high-luxury environment wrapped in hand-stitched Italian leather with aluminum accents. As in the Fisker Tramonto, all electronic, telematic and safety systems remain untouched from the original manufacturer, and every original vehicle option is available.

The car is collected from your dealership and delivered to the Fisker facility where its skin is removed. All of the Fisker body details are installed. All of the leather trimmings are stitched, and the number is engraved in the car. In a few months time, your Fisker is returned to your dealership where new-car delivery is completed. Or, you can simply call Mrs. Cheever and she will take care of all the details.

Fisker has already taken steps to build the dealer network. Appointments of new dealers in North America, Europe, Japan and other emerging Asian markets will follow those already in place. The first dealerships include O’Gara Coach Company – Beverly Hills, Fletcher Jones – Newport Beach, Mercedes Benz – Long Beach, Shelly BMW – Buena Park, and Irvine BMW.

“Our objective is to create a consistent customer experience for all of our owners which will compliment the luxury nature of Fisker cars throughout the world.” explains Cristina Cheever, vice president marketing and communications for Fisker Coachbuild.

These super cars pride themselves off of being very exclusive with only 150 of each model being manufactured –for the world. They offer extraordinary beautiful design with existing world- class engineering to deliver a final product without compromise. If you would like to be part of history in the making contact Cristina Cheever before it is too late.

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