Sports-Car Excitement at the ‘HI’ghest Level: Hypercar Invitational IV Returns to Historic Laguna Seca June 9–12

  • story by David M. Brown
  • posted on 04/2022
  • posted in: Newswire

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The fourth-annual Hypercar Invitational returns to Laguna Seca Raceway in California for three days, June 9–12, showcasing the automotive industry’s super stars, the fastest of the fastest, the best of the best: Bugatti, Pagani, Zenvo, Hennessey, Aston Martin’s Valkyrie AMR Pro and others.

Dealer sponsors are also bringing cars to the Monterey track famous for historic racing. These include O’Gara Coach, Boardwalk Pagani and Lamborghini, Luxury Collection, Miller Motorcars and Ferrari of Silicon Valley.


“Hypercar International is a unique experiential automotive marketing concept, a dynamic launch platform that unites a hand-selected group of top collectors and sports car buyers,” says Alessandro Borroni, the event founder.

“Over three perfectly curated days, our partner luxury brands can share their stories and form powerful relationships with our selected guests during luxury dinners as well as on track during unlimited sound days at the famous Laguna Seca,” he says.

Sound days? Laguna Seca has very strict sound limits for most days of the year, but HI is including two unlimited sound days, which are normally only offered to racing series like Indy. In this way, vehicles such as Lamborghinis, Paganis and naturally aspirated race cars can run freely at Laguna Seca, Borroni explains.


“Guests will also enjoy the unique opportunity of being able to safely run their cars to high speed on a one mile-plus-long runway at nearby Salinas Airport,” he adds.

Borroni started the event three years ago because he wanted a more experiential way to unite car enthusiasts and collectors with the finest sports car brands. “The idea of the traditional auto show, where the car is sitting on a static stand, is almost something of the past in my mind. Our inspiration is the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and our vision is to create an event like this for the U.S. market, so that car companies can bring their cars to a beautiful outdoor environment and guests can actually experience the cars.”

His car passion began in native Milan, Italy, near the historic Monza F1 track; until he was 12, he lived in Great Britain, another motorsports-loving country. “My parents always thought I would ‘outgrow’ this interest, but it has only grown,” he says. “I love the people, the machines, and especially the entrepreneurs and founders who take the risks required to start and promote businesses in the automotive space.”


The event is kept small. Last year, Borroni and crew hosted about 100 hypercar owners, who are invited by sponsors and existing guests; a few new entries are invited each year. Owners may bring as many of their cars as they want to enjoy. Among those in 2021 were McLaren F1s and Senna GTRs; a Howmet TX jet car from 1968; an original RUF Yellowbird; a one-off Isdera Commendatore 112i; nine Bugatti Chirons; and one of the two carbon Bugatti EB1110s.

“This is a rare opportunity to be surrounded by so many passionate owners of this caliber of car, gathered at one of the most iconic tracks,” says Parris Mullins, motorsport director, O’Gara Motorsport.

For this year, sponsors have scheduled technical presentations; a watch sponsor with Roger Dubuis will be doing a haute horologerie luxury watch-making class; and, on the track, Randy Pobst will be performing the shake-down testing of the Pike’s Peak Tesla Unplugged car which he will take to Colorado to compete in the EV class.


“Even some of the most experienced luxury-event attendees tell us that the cars which they saw last year in the paddock were unlike anything they had seen together in their lives,” Borroni says. “They get to really become familiar through test rides and drives with some of the most exciting new products in the high-speed sports car categories.

“HI is an intimate and dream-like environment,” he adds. “It’s automotive nirvana.”

Tickets are $7,500 per person for the full three and a half days, including track time, pro-celebrity coaching, track support, luxury meals, cocktail events and dinners and luxury suites. The event benefits Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area. Please visit and email