Shooter’s World Hits the Mark in Now Three Valley Locations

  • story by David M. Brown
  • posted on 04/2024
  • posted in: Newswire

Shooter’s World has opened a facility in Goodyear, joining the Peoria and Phoenix locations.

The three premier firearm-education venues offer climate-controlled indoor shooting ranges, the largest selection of retail guns, ammunition and gun accessories in the country and diverse educational programs for new and experienced gun owners. Ranking Arizona–The Best of Arizona Business has listed the business as a Top 10 Indoor Entertainment Attraction in Arizona for the last seven years.

“Our staff is dedicated to ensuring our ranges are well served and that customers have an experience enveloped in safety, education and entertainment,” says Chris Birchby, director of marketing and information technology for the Goodyear-based company. He notes that the company is family owned. “We believe it keeps us grounded within the community –– always remembering who we are and why we are here.”


Each location has 24 or more climate-controlled indoor lanes, including the nation’s newest, most advanced and user-friendly range in Goodyear with a system that not only holds targets in place but also introduces a level of entertainment and training capabilities with moveable targets. “It’s truly unlike any range and doesn’t compare to a single gun shop in the country,” Birchby explains.

The Goodyear location schedules a Food Truck Friday on the second Friday of every month, he adds. “We invite multiple food trucks, a live band and an outdoor entertainment venue that is unique and fun for the entire family,” he says.

The retail areas at the three locations have firearms and accessories for women and men, including ammunition, holsters, bags, safety gear, nonlethal personal protection products and even adventure-inspired apparel, such as the Subtle Savage brand.


“The heart of our business is a focus on education: to create responsible and confident gun owners in our community,” Birchby says. “We specialize in new-shooter engagement, breaking down barriers and intimidation, while also catering to enthusiasts wanting to further elevate their knowledge and skillsets.”

The indoor range for first-time shooters offers a variety of courses designed to boost self-defense confidence or provide a unique entertainment experience for friends and family. The Armed with Education packages cater to learners at any level, offering an affordable pathway to focused training. Shooter’s World recommends all students begin by consulting with a company team member or exploring the website to discover more about class offerings, Birchby says.

Ladies Day is every Friday. Women shoot for free and aren’t charged to use the range. They also receive free firearms rentals, providing access to 100-plus rentals at each site. And, Test-it-Tuesdays offers discounted range access for everyone, along with free gun rentals.

Shooting and practicing is “exhilarating,” Birchby says. “It’s best experienced alongside your loved ones, too, which creates a lifetime of shared memories and helps build a responsible gun-owning community. Shooting sports has evolved beyond just self-defense training; it’s now as enjoyable as playing pickleball and as accessible as a trip to the movies.

Memberships offer savings and benefits, including family packages with retail and education discounts, unlimited range visits, range reservation rights and access to special networking events.

In 2024, the company will work at refining its essential skills. “Our focus is always on improving the customer experience, eliminating intimidation for first-time visitors, and elevating our members’ benefits. Safety, entertainment, and appreciation are at the core of it all,” he says.

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