Scuderia Southwest September Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering post photo coverage

  • story by Peter Volny
  • photos by David Urbanic
  • posted on 09/2018
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September Cars & Coffee – Sticks & Paddles

Sticks & Paddles – what does that mean? Well in case you’re not a car enthusiast, in the good old days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, cars all had manual transmissions or stick shifts as they were more commonly called. Then the high-performance car companies developed semi-automatic transmissions that the driver could control with a right paddle for upshifts and the left paddle for downshifts. These paddle shifts are now faster than shifting manually.

So the theme this month placed stick and paddle shift cars of the same make or model next to each other to highlight the incredible developments not only in transmissions but in styling, motors, suspensions, aerodynamics and even colors.

9-1-18 SSW Motorsports Gathering-1

A very special treat was a very rare Jaguar XK-SS from the 1950’s next to a Jaguar E-Type from the 60’s and a current Jaguar F-Type. As iconic a race car as the XK-SS was the 50’s era Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing next to a modern SLS Gullwing.

There was a not so old and still spectacular 2006 Ford GT next to a brand new 2018 Ford GT. A Porsche 356 from the mid 1900’s sat next to a contemporary Porsche 918 and across from three very colorful, lime green Porsches – a GTR, GT2RS and GT3RS. A 1972 Ferrari Daytona with its front engine V12 and skinny tires sat next to a new Ferrari 812 Superfast, also a front engine V12 but sitting on very fat rubber. Similarly, a 1964 Alfa Romeo highlighted automotive evolution next to its young sister – an Alfa Romeo 4C.

On the American cars side there was a 60’s era Mustang next to a new Mustang GT350R. A 1957 Corvette still looked as spectacular as it’s modern counterpart ZR1. There were so many examples of old and new from Corvette, Camaro, Mustang and other domestic brands, and the same from Italian, German and British brands and even some Asian ones.

9-1-18 SSW Motorsports Gathering-4

The organizers have moved the show back its original venue on the north side of the huge parking lot at the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center. This was done to provide more space and eliminate a busy and somewhat dangerous street with both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The show is free to those showing a vehicle and to spectators. It is held from 7AM – 10AM on the first Saturday of every month all year long. The next show is on Saturday October 6.

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Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center, 7000 East Mayo Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85054