San Diego-Based Luxury Auto Attorney John Gomez Shines a Light on Vehicle Safety

  • story by Nick Esquer
  • posted on 10/2021
  • posted in: Newswire

Locking It Down

When most people think of San Diego or Southern California in general, they might think of blue skies, sunshine, palm trees, the beach, surfing, etc. It’s the prefect place for a weekend getaway and a beach vacation. But it’s also the perfect place for unwanted car thefts to take place.

While vacationers are thinking of how to plan out their day in the sunshine, attorney John Gomez of Gomez Trial Attorneys is thinking of how to protect his clients’ cars and bottom line.

Since 2005, Gomez has represented clients in the Greater San Diego area who have fallen victim to a vehicle-related crime, such as theft or vandalism. With the country coming out of the pandemic this spring and some people heading back to the office or back on the road for a night out, the San Diego area saw a sharp rise in motor vehicle thefts. The first half of 2021 saw more thefts than pre-pandemic levels, and for luxury auto owners, a specialty for Gomez, keeping their car safe is more important than ever, especially being so close to the Mexican border.

“San Diego, like other warm weather climates, is an ideal market for luxury vehicles. High income areas like La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe are home to a proportionally high number of those luxury automobiles,” explains Gomez, who has 27 years of experience in this area of law. “Challenges include the threat of theft and relocation across the border to Mexico and damage caused by either negligent or intentional conduct.”

Apart from theft, Gomez specializes in products liability and auto accident cases, and handles cases where high performance vehicles cause injury or death. He and his team have handled legal matters in which others have damaged high value vehicles too. In essence, his goal is to keep luxury autos as safe as possible in an area where luxury vehicles are a target.

According to, California has the highest percentage of luxury cars on the road. From Ferrari to Porsche, Bugatti to BMW, they range widely and make up more than 28% of the state’s registered vehicles, compared to the national average of 20%.

Buyers are attracted to luxury cars for everything from their extra features to enhanced driving performance to the advanced technology that’s being dropped into them practically every season. This means it’s always open season for car thieves and other drivers just looking to take advantage of those who own luxury vehicles on the road.

“Auto safety, from a design and protection standpoint, are always something that we investigate when handling any sort of injury case involving an automobile,” says Gomez.

For now, Gomez is gearing up for 2022 and all that it might bring. At the end of the day, cars will still be in danger of everything from theft to being sold for parts. Having the law on your side, represented by Gomez, can help to limit long-term damage and major loss. That will make any trip to the beach or San Diego resident sleep—or park—better knowing there is backup out there.

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