Porsche Perfect- Porsche Unveils New Driver Programs for Phoenix-area Owners

  • story by Nick Esquer
  • posted on 11/2019
  • posted in: Newswire

Let’s face it, the way we drive is changing, and rapidly. Back in 2013, Lyft only had about two million monthly users on its app. Now, it sees around 23 million. Uber, which has its tech-savvy tentacles in everything from scooters to bikes to buses to freight trucks, sees around 75 million monthly users hailing rides through the app worldwide.

The general sense in recent years has been that these apps and others like them would kill the car, or at least car ownership. But for those who like a personalized driving experience where they don’t have to worry about getting into a stranger’s car or sharing a ride with someone else can take advantage of two new and novel programs offered though Porsche.

The German automaker has just unveiled two special programs for its owners in just five cities in North America including the Greater Phoenix area. These offers, known as Porsche Passport and Porsche Drive, put drivers behind the wheel of their choice of vehicle, whether it’s the Panamera for daily commuting or the sporty 911 for a weekend getaway up the highway.

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Porsche Passport allows all consumers, current Porsche drivers or not, the ability to be part of an all-inclusive vehicle membership subscription service. Every membership includes rights to a vehicle, insurance, unlimited flips (exchanges) between vehicles and 2,000 miles (2,500 km) per month, including rollover miles.

Regardless of choice of car and program, what it comes down to is putting the emphasis back on personalized luxury, something missing in our tech-driven world.

For the Porsche Drive program, Porsche is upending the way drivers rent out a luxury vehicle for the weekend. Car rental services can be a hassle at the airport and relying on ride-sharing or public transit during a stay in a new city, whether it’s for a night, a weekend or a month, run the risk of putting your life in the hands of someone else.


The Drive program lets users be in control of their own premium Porsche vehicle and stay away from the fuss of a traditional car rental service. Just note the time and location of a vehicle drop-off in the Passport app listed above and a personalized concierge will be there to drop it off. Drive allows consumers the flexibility to experience a Porsche vehicle for business or pleasure without a long-term commitment.

“Porsche Passport & Drive programs allow consumers to experience the Porsche brand firsthand without the cost of vehicle ownership… the concierge-based programs offer flexibility, wide-ranging vehicle selection, and peace of mind specifically tailored to a consumer’s wants and needs,” says Richard Cvijanovich, owner of Porsche Chandler. Porsche is using a sense of tech awareness to create a unique concierge-type service for its customers. For the Passport & Drive programs, users can download the Passport app to tap into an entire fleet of cars available at their fingertips.

The catch? There is none. It’s pretty straightforward. If you need to keep the car for a quick two-hour turnaround and send it back, that works. Need to keep it for a couple weeks or a couple months? That’s fine too. No matter how you use the selected rides, a special fee outline helps users calculate their overall cost.


There are similar options for drivers, such as Turo, which lets people rent cars from someone’s own personal garage. The difference here is that the cars Porsche offers up are, well, Porsche. They’re luxurious, unique, and handled with the utmost care between drivers.

Contact Porsche Chandler at (480) 994-9000 for more information on how you can get in the front seat of these two innovative and modern driving programs.