Perfection Down to the Last Detail

The moment you lay eyes on the sleek new entry from the iconic German manufacturer, you’ll know you are in the presence of something extraordinary. “Aimed at customers for whom status is important,” according to a Company statement, the Mercedes-Maybach will not disappoint, melding the perfection of the S-Class with the exclusivity and prestige of the legendary Maybach marque.

In the exterior design, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class combines the characteristic design elements of the beautiful S-Class with emphatic new lines that suggest dynamic power. The key distinguishing feature is the new side line, with an overall length that is 8.1 inches longer than the S-Class. The striking rear door has been shortened by 2.6 inches, creating a seamless integration into the overall appearance. The triangular window has been relocated into the C-pillar, resulting in rear seats that are situated beyond the door cutout, creating the feeling of exceptional privacy and exclusivity. Small roller sunblinds for the triangular window reflect the great attention to detail. Together with the electric roller sunblinds in the rear doors, they provide enhanced privacy for passengers. The sliding sunroof is available with optional MAGIC SKY CONTROL technology from Mercedes-Benz: the glass can be switched from light or dark at the touch of a button.

Subtle yet noticeable changes in both the front and rear area differentiate this longer S-Class from its smaller siblings. The radiator trim features three chrome double louvres, influencing the elegant look of the Mercedes-Maybach, along with double trim at the air intakes and the bottom end piece of the bumpers. At the rear, horizontal lines emphasize the width of the vehicle. Chrome tailpipe trim is integrated into the bumper with chrome double louvres in the bottom section of the bumper covering. Exclusive 20-inch forged, light-alloy wheels are available to underline the flagship model’s high-quality look.

In the interior of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, passengers are enveloped in lounge-style, modern luxury. With its distinctive design, refined materials and stylish controls, the vehicle embodies a sensuous elegance. The standard chauffeur package does not compromise the comfort of the driver and any front seat passenger; however, the real sense of spaciousness is found in the rear. The benefits of the extended wheelbase are felt completely in the back of the sedan with additional knee room and headroom. The executive seats offer a unique level of comfort thanks to a special adjustment system, allowing the back rest to be adjusted separately while the footwell and seat reference point remain unchanged. The cushion can be adjusted separately, with inclination and horizontal adjustment combined. The maximum backrest angle is 43.5 degrees. The most upright backrest position of 19 degrees allows relaxed working in the rear. The reclining seats feature a calf support that is freely adjustable for length and angle, and the luxury head restraints come with an extra cushion.

Extravagance in design is evident everywhere you look on the interior of the Mercedes-Maybach. The standard, Executive trim package features sensuously curved, fine-wood trim with a handcrafted feel and surrounds the entire rear seating area. The hand-finished space features leather door panels, leather upholstery embossed with the Maybach crest with wood and chrome trim. Chrome-plated tweeter grilles and fiber optic cables for ambient lighting combine to create a unique atmosphere, conveying a sense of capacious style. The nappa leather roof liner extends to sunblinds, roof grab handle, pillar trim, both vanity mirrors in the rear and the frames of the Burmester® sound system 3D loud speakers. And don’t forget to celebrate your journey with two handcrafted champagne flutes. These silver-plated flutes have been made exclusively for the on-board bar by Robbe & Berking Silversmiths.

With so many amenities standard, there is an optional Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS, adding a center console in the rear that is a visual continuation of the front console and equipped with two innovative thermo cup holders, using Peltier technology to cool or warm drinks over a longer period of time. Like an aircraft seat, the center console is available with two tables that can be easily folded in or out using one hand. Two articulated joints on the stem and underside of the table enable it to be adjusted to almost any position. The table supports and surface are made of a light alloy, combining great stability with a high-quality look. The table surfaces have leather inserts to provide a comfortable writing surface.

For maximum climate control in the rear compartment, there is a second system with two additional climate zones. A control panel on the back of the center console allows the temperature and air distribution to be set individually. An excusive AIR BALANCE system includes ionization, enhanced air filtration and fragrancing with AGARWOOD, the exclusive Maybach perfume.

The 523-hp, 6.0 liter, twin turbo V-12 Mercedes-Maybach S-600 delivers 612 lb-ft of torque from 1900 rpm and reaches 62 mph in 5 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. The most important features of the V12 engine are the all-aluminum crankcase, one-piece chain drive, forged crankshaft in high-grade quenched and tempered steel, forged pistons, dedicated ignition coil with multispark ignition, hollow-stem outlet valves filled with sodium and a low-temperature coolant circuit with separate expansion reservoir.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-600 is scheduled to launch in April 2015 as a 2016 model, and will initially be offered in its two key markets – China and the USA.

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