Outside The Box: The First Catalogue Raisonne and Book on the Infamous Street Artist AtZ

Open to the public on March 7th, 2024, the world premiere of AtZ: Outside The Box unveils the first catalogue raisonne and book on the infamous street artist AtZ. Featuring never-before-seen insights into the life, background, and story of the artist one can see the whole picture from the inside out. The over four-hundred-page book will be unveiled to the public starting on March 7th taking AtZ to the world stage.

Adorning the 12,000 square foot gallery in Old Town Scottsdale at American Fine Art will be never before seen AtZ masterpieces with special collections ranging from “Director’s Cut” to some of AtZ’s twists on the old world masters that have been seen to be believed. Hundreds of various AtZ paintings will change the eclectic gallery of masters into a street art paradise even receiving the blessing of Cornbread, the world’s first tagger, who has tagged the walls of the gallery. Every era, icon, and style that AtZ works in will be seen mixed leaving viewers with a unique feeling of awe, happiness, and usually a smile, unlike any other artist in the world. AtZ has arrived on the world stage and is here to stay.

AtZ is the first artist from Arizona carried by the gallery and already one of the most popular artists in the gallery’s storied history. AtZ has mastered the ability to transform common imagery into meaningful and introspective pieces. AtZ works predominantly in acrylics, spray paint, and stencil. Having had no formal training, he looks to his predecessors in the world of street art like Crash, Banksy, and Bambi, as well as the Pop Art Masters including Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. AtZ finds himself particularly drawn to Renaissance art, greatly impacted by the works he saw in museums growing up. He sees a parallel between his work and Renaissance art, which sought to capture the experience of the individual, the beauty and mystery of the world. He continues to grow with each painting, considering each work of art created as an integral part of his artistic journey that teaches him something valuable to carry forward. He describes painting and the act of creation as the thing that bring him peace. AtZ finds his inspiration in everyone he meets and the volatile and changing world around him.Like a few other contemporary street artists, AtZ highly values his anonymity, preferring to live a private life rather than personal fame and notoriety. Unlike some other urban artists, he has a strong belief in the originality and uniqueness of paintings over printing, allowing each of his collectors to own a one-of-a kind work of art. As he continues to create and show his work for the world to see and judge, the jury is already back with the unanimous verdict. His work, his style, his fresh approach to the old school of back alley graffiti and new highbrow street art has made it to the realm of fine art, and so far, his collectors cannot get enough. The color and power of the symbols he has brought to life will continue to spread his vision and artistic genius. An intellectual talent blended with the rare passion and ability to convey a gritty message that covers the world all the way from anarchy to zillionaires – it’s all painted by AtZ.


Forward – by Cornbread the Legend “I have been here since the beginning and through every era of graffiti before it was even called street art. It takes a lot to catch my attention and stand out to me. When I first saw AtZ’s art I was shocked. I thought in the back of my mind about how street art started with a simple tag by my friends and me to get our name out there, and now it has flourished into a true art form. The way AtZ can mix both the gritty street messages with the electric neon glow is unrivaled in my mind.”

Seeing my art hung next to this makes me feel both a little old but also proud of what I was able to kickstart. The magnetic forces that attract me to him are what shock me, and I think it is why so many people from every walk of life have collected their works and fallen in love with them. The real difference between all the other great graffiti art and AtZ is the overwhelming feeling of positivity that flows out of each piece.

It is time for street art to not only expose the wrong but also show what is right and how we should strive to feel. AtZ’s icons are what tell the story behind each piece. They leave you with a unique feeling of movement and flow almost as if the paintings are still being done while you are looking at them.


My goal at first was to spread my name across the whole city and this AtZ can spread not only their tag across the whole world but also happiness, love, and the ability to make people just smile, that is the best gift any artist can hope to gain. AtZ’s work often combines elements of urban art, abstract expressionism, and contemporary influences, resulting in a diverse and compelling body of work. Their art is characterized by vibrant colors, intricate textures, and thought-provoking themes, reflecting their deep passion for storytelling through visual mediums.

I hope that AtZ’s art like mine will move future artists and inspire those who see it. AtZ remains a captivating figure in the art world, capturing audiences with their boundless creativity and unwavering dedication to their craft. Street art and graffiti are in good hands for the next generation with artists like AtZ leading the way, experimenting with bold new ideas, techniques, and mediums.

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