New Year, New Vroom: Crown Customs Aims to Kick Off a Big 2024 With Expansion, Auto Show Appearance

  • story by Nick Esquer
  • posted on 01/2024
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Crown Customs, a major player in the Arizona custom auto scene, is gearing up for a new road ahead. The Tucson-based facility is undergoing significant expansion, promising an enhanced experience for enthusiasts starting in the opening quarter of 2024. Additionally, the year holds exciting racing ventures across the state, reinforcing Crown Customs’ position as a dynamic competitor in the automotive customization scene.

Marketing Director Chris Loa revealed plans for a new 7,000 square foot extension dedicated to building restorations. The space will significantly enhance the Crown Customs restoration department, equipped with new lifts, a paint booth, and expanded assembly capabilities. The expansion aims to address the growing demand for restorations, enabling Crown Customs to double its project capacity and expedite timelines.

The new building, internally designed by Crown Customs’ engineers, emphasizes modularity and adjustability. The open space concept fosters a creative environment where everything from toolboxes to the layout can be adapted, providing the flexibility needed for diverse projects. This expansion is a strategic response to the increasing demands of their racing programs.


Barrett-Jackson Cup Car Submission: Raising the Bar in 2024

Crown Customs has set its sights high for the Barrett-Jackson Builders Cup Car submission. Following submitting two custom-made cars in 2023, they are gearing up to showcase a meticulously crafted 1963 Corvette. This roadster boasts a brand-new Roadster Shop chassis, custom HRE wheels, and a powerful LS7 engine from Prestige Motorsports. The widened car features a permanently transformed roadster design with modernized interior elements, leather sports seats, tucked bumpers, and a striking show chrome finish from Ogden Chrome.

Known for its high-energy auctions, Barrett-Jackson attracts automotive enthusiasts, collectors, and spectators alike to the desert every January who want to see cars in action. But for those with an appreciation for the more mechanical side of things, the Builders Cup proves to be a bigger draw. The Barrett-Jackson Cup features 50 custom builders who compete for two awards: the coveted “Ultimate Best in Show,” and the “People’s Choice Award,” voted on by Barrett-Jackson fans worldwide via social media.


The competition at the Barrett-Jackson Cup is fierce, and Crown Customs aims not only to compete but to surpass its own achievements from the previous year featuring the works of a 1961 Willys Jeep and a 1969 Buick. Engaging with the audience and learning from the competition remains a priority, turning the event into a valuable experience.

“When we were there last year, we were amazed by the level of cars, and we didn’t know what to expect because we’ve never been. This year, we’re trying to up our own building from last year,” notes Loa. “The competition is vote-based, so interacting with people who come to look at the car is important. For us, the ability to have a car built here in state and promoting it in the same state is special.”

Radical Racing Program and GT Private Racing: A Racing Extravaganza


Crown Racing involvement in the Radical Racing Program and GT Private Racing reflects a strategic expansion of their racing ventures. Their partnership with Radical, particularly through APEX Motor Club—a sport driver’s paradise filled with winding racetracks in Maricopa—has grown into a comprehensive collaboration. Crown Racing serves as a service provider for Radical on test days, supporting their cars and expanding to embrace the GT cars owned by drivers associated with Radical.

“We’re hoping to have a big year with Radical, participating in the Radical Cup soon. We’re opening an onsite service center at APEX and taking on more customs projects at our building. We’re excited to see what people come up with for us to build for them,” says Loa.

GT Private Racing caters to GT car enthusiasts served by Crown Racing with a spectrum of services, from oil changes to race alignment and comprehensive trackside support. Building on the triumph of its Radical program, Crown Racing is expanding its expertise to a wider array of high-performance vehicles. This initiative reflects Crown Racing’s commitment to providing unparalleled services, ensuring that GT car owners experience peak performance, precision, and personalized attention for their prized vehicles.

2023 Laguna Seca Weekend

“We’re taking on more GT cars as well as a natural progression from our Radical support. We noticed that a lot of the drivers who own Radical also own GT. We have all the equipment and training and knowledge to support these cars on the track in general. We have about four GT cars that we support and we’re looking to expand it at any track we can in Arizona.”

Future Prospects for Crown Customs in 2024

Looking ahead, Crown Racing envisions a robust year with a substantial focus on the Radical Racing Program, aiming to participate in the Radical Cup in 2024 after previous appearances in years past. Plans include establishing an onsite service center at APEX Motor Club and an increased capacity for custom projects at their main facility in Tucson.


As they eagerly anticipate what 2024 holds, Crown Customs and Crown Racing remains committed to pushing boundaries in automotive customization and racing, with innovation and customer satisfaction at the forefront of their goals.

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