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  • story by Nick Esquer
  • photos by Massimo Orlando
  • posted on 06/2021
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Mortgage Professional Klaudija Serksnaite Talks About Her Love of Cars and Real Estate in Arizona

Every month, car enthusiasts turn out in droves for Highline Autos’ regular Cars & Coffee meetups at High Street in Phoenix. From collectors to drivers, casual onlookers to avid followers of all things auto, everyone gets treated to one-of-a-kind looks under the hood of some of the fastest, most unique, and thrilling rides on the roads.

It’s also a great place for connections to be made, both personally and professionally. You never know if the person next to you is a potential business connection who can help elevate your business, all over a shared affinity for autos.

One of those auto enthusiasts who doubles as a business influencer is Klaudija Serksnaite, a Mortgage Loan Officer with the Winkle Team at Guild Mortgage. Serksnaite, who moved to the United States from her native Lithuania in high school, was raised around a family of car fans and gearheads, no doubt influencing her passion for sportscars, including the Acura NSX. Serksnaite, who manages the @NSX_Official Instagram page, dedicated to all things NSX, says she has been able to build on that passion because of Arizona’s growing car scene.

“Cars and racing are just something that has been engrained into my DNA. Ever since moving to Arizona, I was blown away by the car scene here. Highline Autos events were one of the ones that made a huge impression on me,” she says, noting the dynamic audience that attends Highline Autos’ monthly meetups. “I can’t think of anything better than combining my professional and personal passions into one.”

Speaking of combining personal and professional, Serksnaite’s company, Guild Mortgage, an advertiser for Cars & Coffee, has recently rolled out a process called FastTrack. This streamlined process allows loan officers like Klaudija to close loans quicker with minimal documentation.

“In many cases we are now able to verify income and assets electronically without our clients having to provide pages and pages of statements. We’re also very much embracing virtual consultations, eClosing and real-time notifications about the status of your loan,” explains Serksnaite.

As anyone with their eye on the industry knows, the real estate market is busier than ever, with properties becoming available and then unavailable to purchase in the same day. It’s more important than ever before for buyers to have a strong pre-qualification from a lender they can trust, and one who can also educate them about the entire process.

“After closing, we also provide a service that allows homeowners to track their growing equity and gain other financial insights on their home,” adds Serksnaite. “We believe in not only providing our clients with a mortgage service but also showing them their long-term outlook.”

Since joining her current team, Guild has grown stronger, funding more than $35B in mortgage loans last year. Many mortgage companies struggled throughout 2020, especially with the influx of loans due to the historically low interest rates. But Guild pushed through it to come out of the refinance boom stronger, faster, and better, words that also describe Klaudija’s other passion for cars.

“Even in the summer, every day is a drive-worthy weather in Arizona. The car community here is one of the best I’ve ever been a part of. Every single weekend there is always something car-related going on, so you can always stay involved.”

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