Midwest Luxury Auto Attorney Russell Nicolet Helps Clients Get Back What They Deserve

Fall is the perfect time to take a joyride in the upper Midwest, or anywhere throughout the U.S. for that matter. From changing leaves to scenic views to being able to put the top down for a bit, there’s almost nothing better than taking your favorite car out for a drive.

But while the location may be ideal, having to handle everything from dings and dents to major collisions while behind the wheel of a luxury or exotic vehicle isn’t.

Enter the Nicolet Law Group, a Midwest-based office that deals with all things luxury auto. There are unique factors that an attorney who specializes in high-end exotic/luxury car accidents can help with, including getting the correct value for the damaged exotic or luxury vehicle such as depreciation, and the fact that the vehicle now might have a bad CarFax. That’s why lawyers, like Russell Nicolet, a luxury auto enthusiast himself, are there to help.


“Luxury vehicles often have unique and sometimes even handmade parts that are not easy to simply repair or replace at the average repair shop,” notes Nicolet, an attorney with 14 years of experience in this field. “This can lead to higher costs, a longer repair process, or even the car being totaled out based on the cost to repair or replace the unique features.”

We should all be familiar with how the whole post-auto accident process works. An accident happens, you exchange insurance details, and have them hammer out the specifics. But when it comes to luxury auto incidents, there might be more than meets the eye when it comes to getting what you need to recoup what was damaged.

A busted bumper alone can set someone back thousands of dollars, an amount the person on the other side of the accident might feel they shouldn’t have to dish out to the owner of the luxury vehicle. Having a luxury car accident attorney in your corner can only help to smooth out this process.

“The ultimate goal is to get our client back to as close as possible to the life they had before that accident happened. That may mean being fully compensated for the fair value of the damage to their car or compensation for injuries, or even a combination of both,” says Nicolet.

Nicolet started his namesake attorney office in 2007 after years of working as a public defender. The operation grew and expanded to multiple locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota to provide the public with simple access to representation for everything from slip and fall cases to major auto accidents. But Nicolet’s own passion for luxury cars inspired another expansion in services, providing an answer for luxury car owners who might feel targeted for expenses they shouldn’t have to pay or singled out by law enforcement because of their fast set of wheels.

This is why it’s so important to boost your self-awareness around the attraction a luxury vehicle gets, no matter if you’re going on a joyride or just taking it out to get coffee. According to Nicolet, exotic vehicles “attract attention from law enforcement and also other drivers who may be distracted as they pass by or even try to engage in race-like behavior due to the aggressive look of some luxury-sports vehicles.”

Nicolet and his group have represented passengers in exotic cars who have been severely injured due to the inexperience of the driver in such a powerful vehicle. Exotic cars require much more focus, experience, and care that the typical daily-driver car might not.

“We know what it takes to win for our clients and get them as close to being made-whole as possible after a life-changing injury or death of a loved one.”

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