Meridian Automotive Design Dominates the Performance World

Meridian Automotive Design, with their stellar reputation and ability to boast “perfection,” has built the foundation of their business on transforming and improving upon some of the most exclusive vehicles by raising the performance standards above and beyond the benchmarks set by many of the finest manufacturers in the world.

Their combination of factory perfect product, unparalleled customer service, and impeccable installation all working in concert, allows Meridian to be able to provide the ultimate atmosphere for even the most discriminating automobile enthusiast.

Meridian offers the highest level of vehicle enhancements, accessories, safety upgrades, and style refinements for Europe’s superior automobiles, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mini Cooper.

While the world’s finest tailors use the finest fabrics, Meridian utilizes the world’s finest aftermarket products. Whatever your needs may include, whether you require increased braking and handling courtesy of Brembo and HRE wheels, RennTech for Mercedes with some mechanical aural bliss from Capristo, Evotech, and Gruppe M for Ferrari and other exotics, it doesn’t matter. They have a full service facility for sales and installation of a wide variety of high performance parts and accessories. Meridian is known throughout the performance world for working with some of the most recognized and influential innovators in the aftermarket industry.

Just some of the accessories offered include:

• Steering Wheels

• Seats

• Shift Knobs

• Pedals

• Restraint Harnesses

• Helmets

• Gloves

• Shoes

• Driving Suits

• Interior Trim Replacement Kits

• Apparel- T-Shirts and Polo’s

For your aerodynamic needs Meridian can provide you with spoilers, full body kits, chin spoilers, and side skirts. Air intake refinements can easily be made with the intake upgrades Meridian provides.

What distinguishes Meridian from everyone else in the performance industry? Well the answer to that can be seen the minute you walk into their showroom. You will be in the presence of true greatness and it is sure to be an inspiring experience. You might see a Porsche 911 Turbo, a Ferrari 360 Spider, or possibly even a Lamborghini Murcielago, and that’s just to name a few. It’s not just the cars you’ll see that will impress you though… it’s what can be done with them.

To take it a step farther than merely high-end sales, Meridian can also help locate rare and unique automobiles for private parties. Maybe you want a better sound system in that Lamborghini of yours, one that can give a performance worthy of such an amazing performance vehicle. Meridian has put “unbelievable” sound systems in vehicles such as a Lamborghini, when all the others said there wasn’t enough room. Meridian literally does it all.

Simply- they will do what the others won’t. At Meridian the question is how far do you want to go? You decide. No desire goes unmet.

From its conception, Meridian has been built on what can only be described as intense standards of excellence. They believe that no barriers should exist in the quest to make performance a primary factor in the automotive investment.

“We conceived of Meridian Automotive Design as an environment totally centered on our clients’ needs and lifestyles. We provide a concierge service for the individual seeking the highest standards of performance and comfort in fine European automobiles,” said Co-Owner Jonathan Cohen.

What is meant by concierge service is that they provide an unprecedented service that will cater to any desire you may have, all the while developing and placing emphasis on the importance of a personal relationship with you, the customer. Every detail is paid attention to in the effort to custom fit each client’s performance package to fulfill his or her specific needs. Their goal is to ensure that each of their clients’ objectives are met with no sacrifice to the original quality characteristics of the automobile. Because they understand that “off the shelf” items are not always the answer, the staff at Meridian has the ability to create tuning packages that suit their clients needs “exactly.”

Meridian Automotive Design is located at 2285 Westwood Blvd. in West Los Angeles, California, a city of great athletic champions, famous academies for motion pictures and television, and a place of vibrant entrepreneurship where the term “performance” has a razor sharp meaning. Meridian understands this demand for quality performance and applies the cutting edge of excellence for performance in fine European automobiles and other luxury vehicles. The founders and staff at Meridian have a passion for great cars and a complementary appreciation for the greatness that can be achieved with them. Meridian is in the business of catapulting their client’s high performance vehicles to such levels of greatness.

To enhance clients’ driving skills and automotive knowledge, Meridian Automotive Design hosts special educational seminars at its handsome facility as well as during special driving days at Willow Springs International Raceway located in Rosamond, California. “Customized services” is an understatement when describing the extent to which Meridian invests in their clients’ desired level of performance.

One visit to Meridian demonstrates that high performance dominates their thinking. Every amenity and aesthetic reflects Meridian Automotives Design’s commitment to quality, from radiant azure showroom displays to it’s lavishly appointed customer lounge. Meridian envelops its clients in an environment of impeccable luxury and comfort by creating surroundings containing familiar appointments of the finest European automobiles.

According to Co-Owner Alexander Menzel, “At Meridian we are shattering the traditional way of conducting business in the aftermarket automotive industry. We designed our entire business plan around the precept that form follows function for the automotive enthusiast.” As opposed to form follows precedent, this allows for the functionalists at Meridian to be able to break the boundaries of convention and design outside the box. Their willingness to do what’s “different,” definitely sets them apart from all the rest.

It’s as if going to Meridian is like having the benefits of an American Express Centurion Black credit card. The sky’s the limit, meaning is there no limit and anything is possible with that kind of red carpet rolled out in front of you. You will have gained membership into an elite group of rare, unique, and European automobile enthusiasts. You can visit Meridian’s website at or call their toll free number at 1.888.245.2900 or 310.475.2788.