Meet Your Match

Matchmaker Wanda Ewasiuk makes it her daily goal to bring elite clients together to find loven

When online dating burst onto the scene in the late 90’s, most people brushed it off as an Internet experimentation fad; a spinoff of the dot-com boom that saw a general excited fascination with this thing call the world wide web. Fast-forward about 15 years and people began swiping to find their perfect match for life or the next few months or the night.

While these novel ideas of online and mobile dating has made dating playful, it has also saturated the dating scene, thus shrouding it in a thick cologne and perfume cloud of last night’s cocktails.


This is where Wanda Ewasiuk comes into play. She’s a matchmaker in the traditional sense to some degree, and a trendsetter in the industry in others. She has a mission besides getting people to meet: change the modern aspect on dating life.

“I love to say thank goodness for online dating,” says Wanda, who heads up Tessa Loren, a matchmaking service that brings together elite and executive men with female matches. “People are getting exhausted of [online dating]. They aren’t just looking to hook up when they come to me and they want a serious relationship.”

Ewasiuk, whose matchmaking firm serves clients in areas like Scottsdale, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver, has a background in therapy and was always a trusted advisor to close friends growing up. “Everyone would come to me and tell me about their problems and I would offer advice. I always felt comfortable lending my advice,” she notes.


The calling to become a matchmaker was a natural fit. Ewasiuk expanded her natural abilities of helping people to providing the opportunity to men and women to meet the perfect match. “I love love,” she declares as a driving force behind her daily mission. “I grew up in a very loving home and I see so many people don’t have that. I want people to have a good relationship with themself first.”

Currently, serves men, between the ages of 30 and 70, who are looking for a match on a number of levels. Ewasiuk meets with potential clients to go over everything from professional pedigree to expectations of what they’re expecting in the service. The same goes for female members Ewasiuk considers. “We’re not We want our clients to find something long-lasting.”

This is something the owner of the matchmaking service stresses with all potential clients. Her scientific approach to bringing like-minded people together is thorough, investigative almost. “I’m there to guide them and they can utilize me at any time. Expectations may be aloft and sometimes they’re not ready or follow advice.”


“As a matchmaker, I provide more than just introductions,” says Ewasiuk, “but I also help my clients to learn more about themselves. What exactly it is they’re seeking in a partner and help them grow throughout their journey.” For the matchmaker this is a very close relationship between her and her clients as they’re sharing the most private intimate details about themselves.

“It is also my expertise to realize if they’re ready to hire me as their matchmaker or if they require some relationship consulting first.” gets nearly all of its business through referral, meaning it has credibility and authentic results. Like with Len Rhodes, a client who found a match only after shaking off any presumptions of a service like this.

“I had low expectations from any matchmaking service,” admits Rhodes, who serves as president & CEO of the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club in Canada. “I had never used any form of online dating. Quite frankly, my perception of those services was rather negative.”

But after working through the vetting process by Ewasiuk, Rhodes saw the value in what she was offering and how she was willing to help with a genuine sympathy. “The moment I spoke to Wanda, I felt her positive energy… For me to be willing to share so much information about myself meant I had to trust her, and I did, and I never felt judged.”

Rhodes was matched with a few dates and Ewasiuk made sure to stay in touch, at a healthy distance, to make sure her client was in a good position and felt guided. Ewasiuk ultimately found Rhodes the perfect match, adding to the list of success stories.

And that’s the ultimate goal for Ewasiuk and her service. “Once you put those couples together and see how happy they are, I love it. They’re thrilled to have someone to share.”

Definitely a league of their own.

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