Mecum Auctions Phoenix, 1,000 Vehicles March 14-17, at State Farm Stadium

Auctions aren’t just auctions anymore.

Today, thanks in part to Dana Mecum and the Mecum Auctions successful sales formula, the auction platform has evolved into a lifestyle event for car collectors and enthusiasts of every segment. Whether buying, selling or spectating, the excitement that comes with each drop of the gavel is something that can’t be replicated or reproduced in any traditional transaction format, and it’s a thrill that keeps people coming back for more, usually with friends in tow.

This popularity and word-of-mouth phenomenon has served to help Mecum expand its reach around the country, with auctions now held in a dozen different states at an average of more than one auction each month, each of which presents anywhere from 600 to more than 3,000 collector cars. Most recently, the auction house announced that it would be bringing the Mecum Experience to the Phoenix area with an auction slated for March 14-17 at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.


And an experience is just what these auctions provide, an unquestionably entertaining one at that.

The idea of auctions as entertainment isn’t new, but it’s an idea that really gained steam in Mecum’s first years as a nationally broadcast television program, which was now more than a decade ago. Today, with auction coverage televised on NBC Sports Network, the entertainment aspect of the business is as much of a draw as the auction itself. Attendees often describe the auctions as “the best car show ever,” but with the bonus of every single piece of eye candy on-site being available for purchase. Even the auctions’ inclusion on the sports-exclusive NBC channel reveal its status as a true sporting event complete with the kind of competition that can grab the rapt attention of large audiences. Instead of merely admiring rows and rows of beautiful cars, attendees at a Mecum auction have the ability to buy one and make a dream come true, but only if they can win the bid.

The bidding action on the block is what injects the excitement into the auctions, keeping attendees on the edges of their seats wondering what each car might bring—how high might the bid go? From the moment a car hits the block and the heated bidding ensues, there’s often less than one minute to make a choice and place your bids before the gavel drops and the auctioneer shouts his signature “SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!” And before you know it, the next car is on stage ready to do it all over again. On average, 30 vehicles cross the auction block in search of new owners each and every hour.


Though the auction itself is certainly the main attraction at every Mecum event, it is by no means the only source of entertainment provided. Every Mecum auction features a plethora of additional things to do and see. The Mecum Midway, as it’s been dubbed, features myriad exhibitors offering goods and services from custom garage cabinetry to fine jewelry. There are always food and drink options, and sponsor booths often feature giveaways or interactive displays, such as Dodge’s celebrated “Thrill Ride,” which takes passengers through an adrenaline-pumping race-course setup that allows Dodge’s Demon and Charger to accelerate hard and drift around corners leaving skid marks on the pavement and shredding countless tires in the process.

For others still, a collector-car auction is simply an ideal event at which to connect with loved ones through the memories recalled, the nostalgia induced or just the shared love of beautiful and historic automobiles. Family is an important part of the Mecum Auctions culture, as the company is still family owned with Dana Mecum, his wife and all four sons filling active roles in the business. As such, Mecum auctions aim for a family friendly environment from start to finish and encourage youth involvement in the hobby through things like complimentary admission for children 12 and younger. While the auctions feature cars that boast status as some of the world’s most exclusive, the auctions themselves aim to be entirely inclusive. Getting up-close and personal with the best cars in the world shouldn’t have an age limit.

For those who attend to buy or sell, Mecum makes each process as simple and straightforward as possible. Mecum’s streamlined registration and payment processes make the transaction experience seamless, and services are available on-site to help take a buyer from the very start of a purchase to the very end with options available for everything from financing to vehicle transport.


One of the most common sentiments shared by past attendees is that a Mecum auction is something everyone should attend at least once in their lifetime. The only catch is that once you’ve been to one, you’ll want to attend them all.

Fittingly, upon Mecum’s announcement of its upcoming Phoenix auction, an overwhelming response compelled the company to add a third day to what was initially planned as a two-day event. Now slated for March 14 through March 17, the auction is expected to attract approximately 1,250 vehicles.

“Mecum has long known that the Phoenix area is a hotbed for car culture in the Southwest region of the United States, and for years we have been looking for opportunities to work this market into our annual schedule,” President and Founder of Mecum Auctions Dana Mecum said. “When an opportunity presented itself to host an auction at State Farm Stadium in Glendale with dates that matched our scheduling criteria, we signed on immediately. We are thrilled to be bringing the Mecum Experience to Phoenix.”


Visit to learn more about the auction house and its storied history, as well as for a complete calendar of upcoming events. In addition to the inaugural Mecum Phoenix 2019 auction this March are more than a dozen other dates and locales on the schedule from Portland to Chicago to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to name a few.

Persons interested in consigning a vehicle to be auctioned at Mecum Phoenix 2019 should visit or call (262) 275-5050 for complete details about the consignment process and pricing. Mecum’s website is updated daily with the latest consignments including detailed descriptions and photographs of the vehicles. To view upcoming offerings, to consign a vehicle or to register as a bidder for this and all Mecum auctions, visit, or call (262) 275-5050 for more information.