Magna Now Protects Your Home and Office with Films and UV Protection

Mo, founder and owner of Magna Enterprises loves cars. For three years, he and his team have helped many Arizonans protect and upgrade their cars, trucks and motorhomes with tint, paint protection film (PPF) wraps and detailing.

He’s now extended those services for homes and businesses, offering nano-ceramic technology with UV protection as well as security films for both commercial and residential properties.

“We want to take that same level of quality and service we mastered in our auto business and bring those benefits to homes and businesses,” Mo says. “Security film and tint for bigger glass is a no-brainer when damage and the harsh Arizona sun continue to be a problem for all glass surfaces.”


Magna offers a wide range of products including security films and tints, which are completely translucent film to nearly opaque. “We have just about anything for every window in a home or business. With up to 99% UV protection and anti-glare properties, why wouldn’t you put it on all of your windows?” he asks.

Homeowners can see up to 40-percent reduction in their annual utility bills, he says, adding that this has been verified by SRP and the manufacturer. The utility companies are even offering Federal Tax Credits and endorsing use of these products. “Not only are they great for the utility savings but they also give homeowners more privacy and security,” he says.

Mo started the car business because many people providing these services were not very good at it. Done correctly, the car improves, resale value increases and the experience driving it gets better, too. With Magna wraps and PPF, your paint is protected from scratches and road rocks, which, every driver in Arizona knows, are so plentiful here.


With tint, you get heat and UV protection; the Skin Cancer Foundation backs installing it, he says. “Protect your skin, your eyes. Protect your family. Your dog. Arizona sun and heat does not play around. We give you peace of mind.” For autos Magna installs tints with VLTs (Visible Light Transmission) of 70 to 5, so your light transmittance can range from full visibility down to nearly none. Metallics, brown, gold, and cosmetic films are available. “And if we don’t have it in house, we can get it for you.”

The Magna team specialists are trained by industry leaders specifically for tint installation, PPF and all services. Most products have a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, and Magna backs all tint products with a lifetime warranty. Technicians will come to you or you can bring the vehicle to the shop at 48th Street and McDowell Road.

Magna has also customized a 30-plus car fleet of the highest trim vehicles for a premier, exotic vehicle experience in Phoenix. Mo says: “Our fleet features upgrades such as powder-coated wheels, custom headliners, massaging seats, and, of course, tint.”


For more information, see and or call 602.680.9979.