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Luxury Auto Collection of Scottsdale Brings a Fresh Perspective on High-End Car Investing

The business complex at 9160 E Del Camino Dr in North Scottsdale might not look too out of the ordinary. Outlined with corporate offices, the brick and glass buildings that line the northeast corner of Pima and Via de Ventura can practically blend together, until you look a little closer. Usually parked outside unit B4 is a veritable lineup of luxury cars, such as Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover, hugging door-to-door like a luxury valet service. But it’s what’s inside the business center unit they’re parked in front of that’s really something to look at.

Inside the doors of unit B4 in this particular Scottsdale business park rests Luxury Auto Collection of Scottsdale, a 45,000 square foot industrial facility filled with truly remarkable, unique, and nearly untouchable luxury vehicles. From Ferrari to McLaren to Rolls-Royce, Luxury Auto Collection is a nationally known playground for auto enthusiasts.


Opened in 2015, the auto wonderland is spearheaded by John Schlitt, founder and CEO. Schlitt has years of experience welcoming in luxury rides and comes with the knowledge to prove it. His finger on the pulse of the industry in Arizona and the rest of the country, Schlitt works with high-profile customers and buyers and sellers to find them a truly unique car to invest in.

“A lot of people buy a car every four years. In comparison, our people buy one every six months to a year. With that in mind, we want to sell you multiple cars and create a relationship that lasts. We want you to be able to get out of the vehicle in a fair way,” notes Schlitt.

But beyond moving vehicles around like a regular dealership, Schlitt’s approach is more calculated, looking into trends of the luxury auto industry from a collector’s standpoint. That being said, having more knowledge and experience when it comes to what to expect in the industry can go a long way for a potential customer with a flair for the exotic.


“People are asking, what’s my downside on this car in a year? Are these Rolls moving right now? Am I going to get financially hurt? We want to be fair with the clients where if you come in here and you want to trade in your Ferrari and buy a Rolls for your wife or another Ferrari, we know what the trades are really worth. We don’t make 15 calls or lowball customers. We’re going to give out fair market value for your trade. You will probably buy your car below market and we’ll give you a fair market,” explains Schlitt, who prices vehicles on a national level, not a local market, selling around 100 cars a month with a majority of his business being out of state or country.

It’s this kind of hands-on expertise that has helped shape Luxury Auto Collection as the premier luxury collection in the country. And it wouldn’t be possible without Schlitt’s personable approach to working with his customer base–a customer base that’s evolving just as quickly as the inventory he oversees every day.

With the advent of social media, more and more influencers are showing up online in flashy cars, building a brand and helping to market the vendors they buy from in the meantime. This is something that Schlitt has adjusted to, gaining exposure on a nearly global level for his unique inventory that includes La Ferrari Coupes, Cullinan SUVs, and Aventador Roadsters.


“It seems that people are making more money at a younger age now. You’re seeing influencers and people on social media with more money and they come in and they say when they made this much money, they would buy a Ferrari,” Schlitt says. “But then they realize for them the tech isn’t there or they like all the touchscreen stuff, so it may be better that they do look at a Bentley. And we have them all here, so they don’t have to go down the road or the next dealerships.”

Another way Schlitt’s inventory is keeping buyers engaged is through its variety of not only wheels on the ground but wheels in the air. Luxury Auto Collection doesn’t stop at cars and SUVs–in fact, Schlitt is no stranger to moving pre-owned private planes to those who want to get a higher perspective on travel. And for business clients looking to move business partners and guests around town with a high level of luxury, there’s Schlitt’s lineup of Mercedes Sprinter vans.

Operating as the west coast distributor of luxury Sprinter vans, Luxury Auto Collection’s vans are fully stocked with high-end touches, like tech features and wood grain finishes.


But beyond doing what he can to sell gently used Bentleys or putting an online influencer in a Ferrari, Schlitt counts his relationships with his customer as the main building block of Luxury Auto Collection’s success. John knows the evolution of all the exotic cars housed at the business park, especially in how they perform.

“We want the experience to be comfortable, not stuffy. We get 50 people a day who want to come in and just take pictures and see all the models we have. You would have to go to 15 different dealerships in town to see all these at once,” he notes. “This is a family atmosphere, not a stuffy corporate feel. If you decide you want to buy something, we can help you with that. If we can’t get you the best deal, we will send you to the best deal and point the way. If we don’t have it or it’s not the right fit, we’ll still take care of you and make sure it’s right.”

Luxury Auto Collection
9160 East Del Camino Dr, Suite B4
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
T: 480-405-8265