LUXE and Executive Luxury Sprinter Vans Now Available at Luxury Auto Collection in Scottsdale

  • story by Kris Schlitt
  • posted on 08/2019
  • posted in: Newswire

Luxury Auto Collection has partnered with Midwest Automotive Group to become the exclusive West Coast distributor for their LUXE and Executive Luxury Sprinter vans. This partnership comes at a most opportune time as Luxury Auto Collection continues to grow in multiple directions.

Our clients have requested that we build these vans to replace standard large black SUVs for a variety of purposes: realty brokerage, team sport travel, personal executive travel and fleet livery. These spacious vans allow riders easy access with the reliability of a Mercedes-Benz Diesel chassis, known for its longevity and reduced operating costs.

The Business Class Sprinters are a perfect match for people with active lifestyles who demand the best. Our clients want to maximize their time when they’re on the go. Making up for hours possibly lost while sitting in traffic greatly enhances profitability for them.


These vans allow our clients to do business from anywhere, anytime, through wi-fi, video conferencing and satellite, among other options. We fulfill our clients’ requests so that nothing is missing, and they can enjoy the comfort they would find in a private jet.

The LUXE Class Sprinter has been a tremendous addition to the Sprinter line, the same way Daycruisers once were for ambitious travelers. They provide the benefits of a Class B RV with a bathroom in the rear, a fridge and microwave, all while keeping the classy Executive Sprinter look. These vans are stacked with options and comfort like the Business Class but with the addition of the bath, which allows for longer stretches of travel before stopping.

The Sprinter is perfect for families involved with travel club sports, the destination traveler or the retiree who enjoys comfort while traveling the country. This van simplifies travel and allows travelers to accommodate friends, family and pets with ease.


Whether you are a busy executive or a family on the go, we have you covered for any trip. We provide financing options that make the LUXE and Executive Luxury Sprinter vans more affordable than a brand-new large SUV, and we’ll explain tax write-off options. Come and see us at our showroom, 9160 East Del Camino Drive, Suite B4, in sunny Scottsdale.

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