Jon Parske and Michael DiLello focus on building relationships at The Collection of Scottsdale

  • story by Nick Esquer
  • photos by John Bazay
  • posted on 06/2020
  • posted in: Featured Dealers

Located off Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard in North Scottsdale sits a wedding cake-like building that’s home to a luxury car enthusiast’s dreamland. With 30,000 square feet of clean space and sharp features, The Collection of Scottsdale houses more than 100 luxury cars, trucks, and SUVs. Just passing its first year in business, the dealership’s bones were put together by the minds of Jon Parske and Michael DiLello, luxury car professionals with experience in working with the same satisfied customers for years.

After two decades with a major franchise dealership, Parske, general manager of The Collection (7434 E Monte Cristo Avenue), saw a shift in focus on the clientele coming through the doors. It was more about getting people in and out instead of creating a business relationship with them. And while a more customer-friendly sales experience is just the way the trend is moving in auto sales, Parske thought you could still create an experience that was friendly and thorough while also minding the time and money of the customer.

“I saw that over the last two to three years I was at a major franchise dealership and decided I wanted to leave to create a business that harken back to why I got into the business. I wanted to create a one stop shop where people could enjoy service and sales,” notes Parske.


Parske and DiLello spent more than 15 years together at a Land Rover dealership. Over time, the sales experience turned into an uninspired task in which customers didn’t get the face-to-face quality time they can experience now.

This dedication to creating a true relationship with customers in both sales and service was baked into the foundation of The Collection of Scottsdale. From gently used luxury SUVs to brand new top tier cars, the dealership prides itself on individuality in the luxury auto world.

Inside the two-story garage the design is modern yet relaxed, and spacious enough to house up to 70 cars. An open layout allows customers to feel free to roam the space, looking over luxury picks like Porsche and Maserati, and unique items like 80s-era Jeeps. And it’s this openness to brands that has helped Parske and DiLello serve more customers and in return develop long-lasting relationships.


“With our current client base, we continue to serve the same way. When someone comes in and purchases a $25,000 car, we treat them the same as someone who purchases a $200,000 car,” explains Parske.

Now in its second year, The Collection is looking to expand with its dealer partnerships. This summer, Parske and DiLello will oversee the welcoming of partnering with California-based sports carmaker Karma Automotive, selling its six-figure all-electric sporty lineup.

Beyond selling cars and helping with service, The Collection also handles financing in-house, adding to the appeal of a one-stop experience that’s driven by personal touches. And for those who are looking to broker a car or sell it outright, The Collection is able to oblige.


“We’re really trying to accentuate the fact that we’re here to help in all aspects. Could be selling your car or storing your car or buying a new car, we have that for all those steps,” adds Parske.

The Collection of Scottsdale
7434 East Monte Cristo Avenue
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
T: 480-612-6282