Infiniti of Scottsdale revamps its entire showroom with a customer-first design

  • story by Nick Esquer
  • photos by Alex Sczudlo
  • posted on 12/2018
  • posted in: Featured Dealers

The car buying industry is rapidly evolving with the help of technology. From augmented reality to advanced algorithms to artificial intelligence, purchasing a new car will never be the same again. In fact, around 90% of potential car buyers are using their phones to research a possible vehicle. And while using technology to buy a car is beneficial in more ways than one, you still can’t replace a personable experience that comes with working with an industry sales expert.

Part of that personable experience comes from the dealership itself. Presenting a welcoming environment where potential customers feel welcomed is now more essential than ever, which is one reason why Infiniti of Scottsdale (7601 E. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ) underwent a complete rebuild of its showroom and service areas. The 90-day undertaking completely revamped the interior, a remodel that was long overdue, according to Kris Schatzberg, Executive Manager/Partner at the location.

“This store was built around 1998 and besides a couple facelifts, it never had a full remodel. It was definitely time,” notes Schatzberg.
Aesthetically, dealership showrooms have traditionally been uninviting with a chockablock layout of having to maneuver around display vehicles and cubicles. Infiniti of Scottsdale has gone against that idea with a sleek interior that leans on minimalism and openness to make customers feel more at ease. Dark woods and minimal aesthetics combine to provide a comfortable surrounding while also keeping the focus on the vehicles.


The showroom is more open now compared to the previous iteration, allowing more space to walk around and the ability to bring in a full lineup of products.

“The big thing around here is culture—the more proud you are of your showroom, the more proud you are to work here, and of the product,” adds Schatzberg.

Schatzberg agrees that potential car buyers are putting an emphasis on transparency, both literally and figuratively. The car dealership environment has always been shrouded in some element of mystery for customers, but Infinit’s new digs look to dispel that. The offices are floor-to-ceiling glass-enclosed rooms that provide more privacy for negotiating as well as offering a fully transparent environment.


The interior also boasts more lounge spacing with lots of flat screens installed all around, and a café and Internet bar that adds more personalization for the customer. The goal here was to create an experience that was seamless in its transition from home to sales location by offering the same kind of amenities customers are used to.

“We don’t want people to feel pressured into buying a car or feel beat up about it. It’s all about being inviting,” Schatzberg explains.

Additionally, the service bays and areas were remodeled to keep with the aesthetics and be more accommodating to a more free-flowing space. Altogether, Infiniti of Scottsdale aimed at creating an all-around customer-first environment with an emphasis on comfort and technology. That goal has arguably been achieved after a well-planned and executed three-month effort. Go check out the updates for yourself and see why Infiniti of Scottsdale is one of the Valley’s leading dealerships.


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