Impact Solution Pro: Custom Connections

The professionals at Impact Solution Pro are very well connected. Connect with them, you will be, too.

Led by Mike Hansen, Steve Masonheimer and Joel Smith, the Meridian, Idaho-based ISP finds and locks on to the strongest internet signal of the four major wireless carriers: Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Even savvy consumers may not know that each provides varying system strengths throughout the day.

The all-in-one 4G/5G LTE high-speed internet service, with its VSIM technology (Virtual SIM), delivers a plug-and-play solution that eliminates the uncertainty of which carrier, at a particular time, is providing the best coverage or signal strength. “Our A.I. does the work for you,” says Hansen, part of the Impact team that has been together in the wireless industry for 20-plus years.


Here’s how it works: ISP has a data center, a SIM Bank, which broadcasts through the cloud and connects to one of its devices. The A.I. system then searches for the strongest signal among the major carriers and connects you automatically.

For homes and businesses, Impact offers affordable data plans, and you receive true data on demand through simple plug-n-play. No credit checks are required, and the company includes built-in backup.

“For the first time, we can offer a service where the customer doesn’t have to feel the pain points of being down with their internet provider,” Hansen says. “When it comes to outages, maintenance or congestion, the customer or business is not limited to just one provider for connectivity.”


Businesses receive additional benefits: no overages; multi-locations with a single agreement; failover, that is, switching automatically to a back-up system, or redundancy; lowering OPX or managing expenses; and cost savings as a result of lower rates for data.

In addition, the company’s vSIM devices are managed through a cloud-based online portal that allows support to troubleshoot remotely at any time, from anywhere. “If there’s any issue, we can fix it without sending someone to the device’s location. There is no need to deploy an onsite technician or ‘rolling a truck,’” Smith explains.

The men are experienced pros. For more than 25 years, Hansen has helped many companies conceptualize ideas and implement strategies to improve wireless communications in an increasingly complex industry. And lifelong entrepreneur, CEO Joel Smith, has for the last 20 years implemented innovative product solutions and successful business development and operational strategies.


“Simply put, our goal is to close the gaps where connectivity is lost,” Hansen explains. “Our technology is designed to provide a better way to connect to the world, whether it’s personal, business or on the go. Any way you go, we got you connected.”

Reach Impact Solution Pro through the company’s text number, 208.939.3199, or email and see the website,