Hundreds of Porsches Gathered in North Hollywood for Luftgekühlt 6

  • photos by Joseph Chen
  • posted on 05/2019
  • posted in: Newswire


Luftgekühlt is a yearly celebration of air-cooled Porsches. Considered to be the biggest Porsche event of the year, enthusiasts out of state and even at times out of the country would travel far to attend the event, either with their cars or as spectators. The sixth one in the making, this time the venue was at the Universal Studios Back Lot, road and race cars parked on different “streets” with numerous backdrops. Numerous 911s from collector-status mileage to highly-modified “Safari” style builds were present, as well as other none 911-based Porsches. Numerous enthusiasts, owners, and aspiring owners all gathered for this passion-driven meeting.


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