Heating Up Arizona Car Accident Litigation

Phoenix-Based Zanes Law Injury Lawyers Focuses on Getting Luxury Car Owners What They Deserve

For car owners in Arizona, a drive through the warm desert air is a treat they can have practically year-round. And for luxury car owners who like to take their prized autos out for a spin every now and then, it’s even more of an enjoyable experience. But the Arizona sunshine and the open desert roads can sometimes pale in comparison to the downside of owning a luxury car here: safety and theft.

Because Phoenix is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, growing at a faster rate than most cities in the US, it is also a hub for business. The Phoenix business environment has created a vast amount of financial success for many people who call Phoenix home. In fact, Paradise Valley is one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. It is this significant financial success that allows Phoenix residents the financial freedom to drive luxury vehicles as their vehicles of choice.


But while driving around town is made easy by the area’s many interconnected highways and freeways, Phoenix presents many opportunities for traffic accidents. And with Phoenix being at the top of the list for vehicle thefts, it’s also a haven for carjackers.

The high percentage of car accidents here is one of the main reasons Doug Zanes of Zanes Law Injury Lawyers started his firm back in 2003. He wanted to help victims of these unfortunate events receive the compensation they deserved. Since then, Zanes has represented clients in the Greater Phoenix area who have fallen victim to injury due to other drivers’ negligence, those trying to pick up the pieces following an accident.

Zanes and his team specialize in personal injury, products liability, and motor vehicle accident cases and handle claims where high performance vehicles cause injury or death. Over the years, the firm has helped numerous luxury car owners with their accident cases, taking care of everything from the property damage/diminished value claims to the personal injury, pain, and suffering, and the loss of business/wage loss claims.

“Exotic or luxury auto owners have high expectations when it comes to results and customer service. They have worked hard for their lifestyle, and they expect results from the people that they hire to help them,” explains Zanes, who has nearly 25 years of experience in this area of law. “After an accident involving a luxury vehicle, the major challenge is getting the vehicle owner compensated for the diminished value of their now damaged vehicle. Another challenge is making sure that the vehicle’s performance is the same as it was before the accident occurred.”

While having effective luxury car insurance is key in owning an exotic vehicle, having a legal contact on your side can help with getting everything back to normal should an accident happen. This can be where the rubber meets the road—so to speak—for car owners who may feel like the other party involved in an accident isn’t being held as accountable as they should be. Zanes Law Injury Lawyers steps in from there, making sure the facts of the matter are upheld.

As Phoenix grows it creates both opportunities and competition. Both dynamics have driven Zanes Law Injury Lawyers to focus on continuing to build out a premier litigation-based injury law firm, not simply a firm that attempts to settle cases.

“In today’s insurance environment, an insurance company will never pay what it should pay unless your lawyers have the talent to sue and win big,” explains Zanes. “Insurance companies track law firm results and they know which lawyers know how to litigate and which lawyers don’t. With that being said, we’re always here to deliver what our clients need.”

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