Great Karma at Fisker of Scottsdale

The Fisker Karma has arrived in Scottsdale.

The Penske Automotive Group announces the newest member of its family: Fisker of Scottsdale, which opened May 28 this year, is the exclusive Fisker Authorized Dealer for Arizona and now offers the eco-friendly Karma.

Fisker is an Anaheim-Calif.-based car manufacturer founded in 2007 to produce electric vehicles with extended range (EVer™) while delivering “Uncompromised Responsible Luxury™.”

Showcasing the Karma, Fisker of Scottsdale shares its space with the Lotus of Scottsdale at 6855 E. McDowell Road, adjacent to Scottsdale Ferrari/Maserati. All are part of the Penske Automotive Group, offering sales, service and financing on site. The new Fisker of Scottsdale is one of more than 170 Penske franchise dealerships nationwide. Penske is a Fortune 500 Company and a name car-buyers trust.

One of the most efficient, lowest-emission automobiles available, the hybrid Karma is also a solid street and highway performer as well as visually striking in design and luxury finishes.

Actors Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kucher, who uses one on the television show, Two and a Half Men, are owners as are Gen. Colin Powell, John Lasseter, head of Pixar, and Tommy Lee, drummer for Motley Crue. Fisker reports more than $100 million in revenue from Karma sales of 1,000-plus units since December 2011from 48 U.S. dealerships.

In addition, the Karma has already collected a number of awards: TopGear’s Luxury Car of the Year; Automobile’s Design of the Year Award; listing in TIME Magazine’s Top 50 Innovations of 2012; a Global Green Design Award; and Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte’s Most Stylish Car of 2012.

“There are so many things that make the Karma unique to the market and really a new refreshing niche to what the market has to offer,” says Toddy Levy, a sales consultant at Fisker of Scottsdale. “It is sustainable but also visually stunning. It’s quick but also dependable. It can take you to the golf course or the market or on a multi-day trip up north. Stop by and you’ll see why there’s been so much excitement about this absolutely unique vehicle.”

The 403-horsepower luxury electric makes 0–60 mph in a brisk 6.3 seconds — with an instantly available press-you-back-in-your-seat 959 ft/lbs of torque. At the same time, the sedan achieves 54 mpge combined fuel economy. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rated the Karma 10 out of 10 for fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions, while the California Air Resources Board recently offered its certification, making the Karma emissions compliant in all 50 states. The car is also certified in all EU countries.

Karma’s EVer™ powertrain technology combines the zero-emissions and efficiency of electric drive with the range and freedom of gasoline-powered cars, Toddy explains.

“This is a true hybrid,” he adds. That is, the Karma gives drivers the capability of running emission free on demand and travel long distances without the range anxiety or long recharge times associated with pure electric vehicles.

“The gas engine does not connect to the drivetrain, maintaining low rpms and therefore reducing carbon emissions,” Toddy says. “This generated power goes directly to battery recharge, generating an uninterrupted supply of power and performance.”

A lithium ion battery provides for the basic power. This is recharged by plugging into a standard wall socket at home or business. In addition, a 260 horsepower four-cylinder turbocharged engine — the Ecotec from GM — provides the extended range, recharging the battery as you continue driving.

The Karma can run on all-electric power in what the company calls Stealth mode — normal driving, that is — for up to 50 miles, including air-conditioning, but it has a total range of up to 300 miles before a stop for gas or recharge is required because of the extended range from the gas engine.

Still, if you choose to drive in Sport mode, in which the gas engine recharges the battery, the Karma will develop a charge for 26 miles of normal driving when the Stealth, or battery-use only, mode is engaged.

“The Karma created the luxury EV segment,” says Matthew Malfitano, director of North American Market Operations for the company, which positions the vehicle as an eco-conscious alternative to luxury sedans in the same and higher price segments such as the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid and the Maserati Quattroporte. “It is the only car on the market that combines world-class style and design with some of the best economy and lowest emissions of nearly any production car.”

Karmas in Good Trim

MSRP varies depending on the model and trim level but is between $100,000 and $120,000, Toddy says, noting that delivery for an ordered Karma will take four to six months to Scottsdale, again depending on trim and model. A $7,500 federal tax credit is available to qualified buyers, and every Karma is delivered with a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty.

Those three different trim levels begin with EcoStandard, including a Black Onyx Monotone interior simulating full-grain leather and a Sunken Wood™ trim, sourced from 300-year-old timbers reclaimed from Lake Michigan.

Also standard is a touch-screen interface, the Fisker Command Center, which manages audio, climate control and other systems. Every Karma also features bi-xenon headlamps and low-energy LED lamps and low-voltage LED exterior lighting, including the car’s reverse, rear-fog and side-marker lights to conserve power wherever possible. Factory aluminum wheels are 22 inch — the first production sedan to offer this size standard.

A step up, the EcoSport trim incorporates hand-wrapped premium leather from a 100-percent sustainable plant as well as a navigation system, rear camera and a premium audio package. “The leather plant uses 85 percent of the entire hide —more than double the amount used by traditional plants,” Toddy explains.

Finally, EcoChic is the most advanced sustainable material trim package available for the Karma, with EcoSuede interior material and Rescued Wood™ trim from California wildfires.

Fisker’s “Sustainable Accountable Design Philosophy” has also brought to the Karma solar roof panels — the largest ever designed on a production car, the company says. These provide a small recharging supply to extend the driving range of the car.

In addition, environmentally friendly Karma paints are waterborne, using reclaimed glass for brilliant metallic finishes, seating foam is soy-based bio-fiber and the carpet backing comprises recycled post-consumer materials, maximizing eco-friendliness throughout the production process.

Fisker of Scottsdale — Recycled, State-of-the-Art Dealership

While fully equipped with the most up-to-date technology and service bays, the Fisker of Scottsdale dealership is itself recycled from previous car showrooms. This reaffirms Fisker Automotive’s commitment to using existing resources wherever possible rather than building new facilities. The Scottsdale location, for example, incorporates paper-savings sales displays and environmentally responsible furniture and is even considering solar powering for signage.

The Fisker of Scottsdale team is led by Penske Automotive Group’s general manager, John Schlitt, and includes sales Manager Chad Morgan and, in addition to Toddy, sales consultants Lonnie Moore and Danny Rains. Russell Bastian is the service consultant, overseeing technicians specifically trained to care for the Fisker Karma.

The dealership also carries more than 120 pre-owned quality high-end vehicles: Lexus, BMW, Porsche and others. Toddy notes that, although the Karma is the only vehicle in production by Fisker, the company plans to begin production of Surf by 2013 and it is considering concept designs such as the Atlantic and Sunset. “We are looking forward to offering those cars as well when they become available,” he says.

“Partnering with an established group like Penske partner is another step in our evolution,” Matthew says. “The team at Fisker of Scottsdale is one with the credibility and knowledge needed to service the Arizona marketplace with Fisker’s forward-thinking cars beginning with the revolutionary Karma.”

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