Frank Milstead: A Vision for Strong, Solution-Based Law Enforcement

  • story by Alexander J. Pena
  • posted on 05/2024
  • posted in: Newswire

Colonel Frank Milstead, a stalwart figure in Arizona law enforcement, is currently running for the position of Maricopa County Sheriff. Born and raised in Phoenix as a second-generation Arizonan, his roots in the community run deep. With a career spanning over 35 years in law enforcement, Milstead brings a wealth of experience, integrity, and a clear vision for positive change to the forefront of his campaign.

Milstead’s journey in law enforcement began in 1985 at the Phoenix Police Department, where he embarked on a path of dedication and service. Rising through the ranks, he gained invaluable experience working in nearly every capacity within the department, shaping his leadership style and commitment to excellence. His tenure culminated in notable appointments, including Chief of Police at the Mesa Police Department in 2010 and Director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety in 2015. Notably, Milstead made history with a unanimous confirmation vote by the Arizona State Senate, a testament to his esteemed reputation and leadership capabilities.

Throughout his distinguished career, Milstead has garnered recognition and accolades for his outstanding contributions to law enforcement. His strategic initiatives, such as spearheading the concept and development of the Arizona Border Strike Force, have redefined safety strategies and showcased his proactive approach to border security. Additionally, his efforts in rebranding organizations and implementing efficient processes have resulted in significant cost savings while maintaining world-class service standards.
Milstead’s platform for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is rooted in three core principles: building trust, ensuring accountability, and enhancing safety. He emphasizes the importance of collaborative relationships with the community and other law enforcement entities to develop comprehensive strategies that thwart crime effectively. His vision includes updating policies for best practices, establishing a citizen review board, enhancing theft prevention strategies, and expanding school safety programs to protect our youth.


One of Milstead’s significant achievements is his commitment to transparency and accountability within law enforcement organizations. He recognizes the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies, particularly in addressing rising crime rates, border security concerns, and threats like fentanyl and human trafficking. His proactive leadership style, characterized by accessibility and continuous improvement, positions him as a formidable force in tackling these pressing issues head-on.

Milstead’s approach to border security reflects a pragmatic yet compassionate stance, emphasizing the importance of legal entry through designated ports of entry while safeguarding our state and nation. He acknowledges the need for steadfast leadership during border crises and advocates for collaborative efforts to ensure the safety and security of our communities.

Colonel Frank Milstead’s candidacy for Maricopa County Sheriff represents a beacon of hope for a safer, more secure future. With a focus on experience, integrity, and a proactive leadership style, Milstead is poised to lead the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office with excellence, ensuring a united and resilient community for generations to come. His vision for strong, solution-based law enforcement resonates with the diverse needs of Maricopa County residents, promising a brighter tomorrow for all. Join Governor Doug Ducey, Arizona State Troopers Association, Mesa Police Association, and many more in voting for Frank in the July 30th Republican Primary.


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