Forgiato Wheels Rolls Out Two New Lines

The artists at Forgiato have reinvented the wheels.

Norman and AC Celik, the cofounding brothers of the Sun Valley, Calif.-based company, have introduced two premium lines — Monoleggera and Reventón — to their exclusive portfolio of highline wheels.

Forgiato (“forged” in Italian) manufactures luxury alloy wheels for high-performance vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Built in their factory/warehouse to jewel-like specifications, Forgiato’s 20 custom wheel styles are available in various sizes and almost unlimited finishes.

The new lines are both one-piece artworks. Introduced in early 2009, the Monoleggera, retailing at $6,000 a set, is a one-piece forged wheel that is light and strong, while the Reventón, retailing at $2,200 per set, are less expensive but offer all the exclusivity of Forgiato, explains Gary Tegeleci, the company’s marketing director. Monoleggera is available in 19- through 24-inch and Reventón in 18–24-inch sizes.

The Celik brothers and their team only use the highest quality 6061-t6 forged aluminum in their wheels, crafted in either one- or three-piece configurations. The “6061” is the aerospace grade aluminum Forgiato uses — the same alloy in jets and advanced aeronautical and weapons systems. The “t6” is the level of hardness the process achieves by heat.

“We are a true wheel manufacturer,” Gary says. “We custom build all of our wheels to perfectly fit any car.”

Forgiato wheels are car jewelry — designed by jewelers with their unique dedication to expression, performance and reliability. Before they began customizing and selling premium wheels about 15 years ago, AC was a diamond setter and Norman a goldsmith.

“Our wheels have to be seen to appreciate the drastic curves and fine detail we put into each one,” Norman says. “And, when you add to that all the experience we have in actual fitment of wheels, the final Forgiato product is unparalleled.”

Forgiato incorporates the latest technology and advancements in aluminum forging and Computer Numerical Control mills, drills and lathes. CNC describes the process by which a computer component drives the tooling, allowing for precise cutting and minimal human intervention.

“We have combined our knowledge of the art of jewelry manufacturing with technological advancements in CNC automation,” Norman says. “The end result: wheels that look and perform like fine Piaget watches.”

Forging shapes materials under heat and pressure by a mechanical or hydraulic press — similar to the natural process that creates diamonds, AC explains. This heats but does not melt the alloy materials — preventing impurities or air bubbles to join with the alloy.

Because of this quality manufactured surface, Forgiato wheels offer superior finishes, for chroming or powder coating, and more strength with less weight. “Less weight equals faster acceleration, superior braking and much better handling,” Norman explains. “The buyer ends up with a high-performance wheel made specifically for his or her vehicle.”

The new Monoleggera and Reventón lines continue this tradition of craftsmanship.

Monoleggera wheels optimize the wheel’s strength-to-weight ratio by minimizing unsprung weight — improving a vehicle’s overall performance. “They are technically precise and stylishly beautiful,” Gary says.

For fitments, Monoleggera wheels are engineered to meet the requirements of any high-performance vehicle, accommodating custom brakes, suspension upgrades and any other customization.

“Forgiato is committed to create a customized Monoleggera wheel every-time — a wheel that is precisely engineered to perfectly fit your car and your lifestyle,” Gary explains. “This state-of-the art wheel has captured the hearts and minds of high-performance enthusiasts, with its feather-light weight and unique designs you expect only from Forgiato,” he says.

The value-oriented Reventón is the company’s answer to automotive enthusiasts who wanted affordability and the quality of a Forgiato wheel.

Standard finishes include chrome, matte black and machined finishes, but you can choose from all of the color and finish options offered by Forgiato. The Reventón wheels also offer unique insert options.

Reventón will not only deliver unique Forgiato designs but also extreme fitments such as a seven-inch lip for Range Rover, Camaro, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and others.

“These extreme fitments are achieved not by trickery or illusions but from years of experience, along with engineering and research and development,” Gary explains. “In 2010, Reventón will be the buzz of the wheel industry and will stand apart.”

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