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For sure, a 2008 Porsche 997 Twin Turbo is not a mild-mannered Clark Kent kind of ride. But after Evolution MotorSports smokes the tires of this great sports car into, and out of, its Tempe laboratory/ garage, it’s a super-car — prepared to mete out justice to bad street cars everywhere. Buckle up, grab your cape, and hold on for a trip across time and space.

If you can catch up to him, ask Karim Mashouf of Beverly Hills, a 30-year-old entrepreneur. A former Bentley GT driver, he wanted a car that was more than its marque. Ferrari and Lamborghini? Just “also rans” — “me, too” cars frequently seen on the streets of Los Angeles. First stop: his Porsche dealership.

Although impressed with the Twin Turbo’s performance and handling, Mashouf wanted his new car to be special: pure kryptonite to duplication. No question, 480 stock brake horsepower at 6600 rpm, 3.9 seconds to 60 mph and 12.27 seconds for a standing quarter mile is superb, but there are other cars prowling LA spinning out those kinds of numbers.

Phenomenal EVOMS

He called Todd Zuccone, founder and CEO of Evolution MotorSports, home of the ultimate 997TT, fitted out with the EVOMS EVT700 Performance System. Founded in 1997, Evolution MotorSports innovates performance systems for “Insanely Tuned Luxury Exotics” — from casual street to aggressive track. “Our research and product development has become an industry standard,” Zuccone says.

So have their cars: Evolution MotorSports is home to the world’s fastest 997 and 996 twin turbos. The company’s 2001 996TT (EVO GT800R) was the first 996TT in the 9s — a 9.67 pass @ 149.86 (150 MPH Best Speed), and its 2007 997TT (EVT700) was the first 997TT in the 10s — 10.82 @ 133 MPH.

In addition, an Evolution Motorsports-tuned 996-Twin Turbo has won the coveted “One Lap of America” for an unprecedented four years straight. The company’s transformation of 997TTs into EVT700 masterpieces continues this tradition: “At EVOMS, traditional rules, and everyone else’s performance standards no longer apply,” Zuccone says.

Shortly after Porsche released the 2008 Twin Turbo, the Evolution MotorSports team, including General Manager Dan Maguire and Mike Myers, the company sales manager who designed Mashouf’s system, dissected it to determine the best performance, styling, and handling enhancements.

Following months in the lab and testing the system on the track, street and the company’s AWD Mustang 500 SE dyno, EVOMS created a package that fueled the demanding Mashouf’s interest. Installed on his car, it can also be installed on any Twin Turbo.

For several reasons, he didn’t want to take his TT to European tuners. For one, he finds them overpriced — especially considered from a dollar-to-power ratio. Second, when he decided to enhance his 997TT, he knew that in order to attain a unique result the company he employed would have to invest a lot of R&D. The time and travel expense of this also eliminated overseas tuners.

Having had a full performance system from Evolution MotorSports on the Bentley, he made an easy decision to build a sleeper Porsche Twin Turbo that was stealth in its power. “With EVOMS,” he says, “I have the peace of mind that if something goes wrong or I need any kind of tech support, it’s just four hours away.”

Birth of a Super-Car

The central components of the EVT700 upgrade system are two VTG turbos with CAD Designed 5-Axis CNC-machined billet compressor wheels. CNC is a computer-aided cutting process — literally, Computer Numerical Control. “Our advanced design turbochargers flow more air than the stock turbochargers,” Myers notes. With pump fuel at 91/93 octane, the documented upgrade numbers are 708 horses and 703 foot pounds of torque. With race fuel, up that to 730 horsepower and 738 foot pounds of torque.

Other engine elements include two EVOMS Clubsport high-efficiency, increased-flow intercoolers; two EVOMS CNC machined-billet-aluminum piston-type boost bypass valves; and EVOMS four-piece silicone boost hoses with high-torque spring clamps.

The exhaust system is completely upgraded, beginning with a pair of EVOMS hand-fabricated 42.5mm stainless steel headers; German 70mm platinum-coated high-flow metallic catalysts; an EVOMS custom-fabricated 70mm dual-chamber stainless exhaust; and EVOMS 70mm dual-exhaust tips. Customers can also order the EVOMS Carbon OEM airbox and ducts for additional fresh air.

For engine management, Evolution MotorSports has developed the finest tuning systems for the latest Porsche 997 turbo. The EVT700 system is controlled by proprietary EVOMSit software (for the Bosch ME 7.8.1 ECU) developed by the company’s “in house” software engineer.

This “intelligent tuning” system allows switching between two performance modes utilizing the car’s “sport” button functions. The “nonsport” EVT700 mode is for pump gas (91 or 93 octane), while the “sport” EVT730R mode increases power output by increasing load and flow calculations in the ECU for increased power and torque when race fuel (101-plus octane) is used.

Evolution MotorSports EVT700 performance package also includes clutch/transmission upgrades as part of the EVOMS/SRE Stage 3 Clutch Kit. This includes 3,650-pound clamping force pressure plate, a segmented Kevlar-lined sprung hub disk as well as a throw-out bearing and assembly hardware. Customers can also order an EVOMS GT2 Specification Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder Conversion as well as an EVOMS 30-percent-shorter Billet Short Shifter Kit. Because Mashouf’s EVT700 is fitted with a Tiptronic semi-automatic transmission, an upgraded torque converter replaced the upgraded manual clutch.

Styling changes to his car include a Techart GT Street Body Kit, with new front and rear bumpers and a rear wing. Also in the Techart GT package are 20-inch Techart Formula Wheels: 20-by-8.5-inch fronts and 20-by-12-inch rears.

Other EVT700 accessories include custom floor mats; pedal set; steering wheel; a variety of Clubsport suspension components (which Mashouf selected); upgraded brake systems; additional body mods; carbon Fiber Carrera GT Race Seats; and a Techquipment roll bar.

Hear the Power

Mashouf loves the music of his horsepower as well as the music from his insanely state-of-the-art audio system. His best friend from high school runs one of the most successful ICE (In Car Entertainment) retailers in the West: Al & Ed’s Autosound in West Hollywood, Calif.

His system is built around a Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY.2 — an intelligent bluetooth unit that allows complete control of equalization and time alignment of the 800 watts of JL Audio power with the foundation of a 10-inch JL Audio sub-woofer. The sub-woofer is stealthily installed in the rear of the passenger area along with the Focal – Utopia Be component drivers, which handle the higher frequencies in the front and rear seating area. His MP3 portable plugs right into Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY.2.

The musical experience is well beyond “like a concert” or “just like being there.” Mashouf says it’s analogous to standing in the middle of the stage, plugging in — and playing with the band!

Listen to this performance: Mashouf’s new EVT700 TT pops from a Beverly Hills stop light to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, to 100 mph in 6.8 seconds and the quarter mile in 10.81 seconds at 133.5 mph. When he’s a mile onto the freeway at wide-open throttle, he can be at 187.65 mph.

“I’m very happy,” Mashouf says, commending the EVOMS insanely ingenious crew. “This is the fastest, best handling car I have ever driven.”

Evolution MotorSports

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