Elevate. Accelerate. Escape. Inde Motorsports creates a dream destination in the desert for motorsport enthusiasts

  • story by Nick Esquer
  • posted on 01/2020
  • posted in: Newswire

It’s winter in Arizona, which means it’s the perfect time for a road trip, heading along our desert highways for weekend getaways. No matter the season, it’s always the perfect time of year for motorsport enthusiasts to get behind the wheel and work the curves along some prime track. That’s where Inde Motorsports, a 1,700-acre dreamland for car lovers, comes into view.

Located 12 miles West of Willcox, and just over an hour East of Tucson, members can roll onto the grounds of Inde Motorsports in their own rides or fly-in via charter or private plane on the only FAA-approved airstrip among private motor clubs in the US.

In operation since 2010, the motorsports ranch offers over 40 different track configurations for various types of cars and skill levels, opening up the opportunity for members to experience the thrill of racing at their own pace on the 2.75-mile, 21-turn circuit.


The beauty of this dynamic track is in the details boasting 200 feet of natural elevation changes, uphill and downhill corners, hairpin & off camber turns, sweepers, and blind apexes for the adrenaline junkies. The flexibility of the track allows for over 40 different configurations and simultaneously run two separate road courses. Inde emphasizes guaranteed quality, year-round track time, which is why they offer concierge prep services to have your vehicles primed and ready-to-go maximizing your pavement time.

Even more impressive than the track offerings are the experiences that Inde has for its members and guests. One-on-one custom coaching is available for those looking to make their turns tighter or sharpen their road-ready skills. Always had an interest in drifting or karting? Inde has instructors on board for personalized coaching to help drivers find their edge. Streetcar training helps drivers with vision, acceleration, oversteering, and molding to a new track on-the-fly.

Inde also offers up opportunities for corporate team-building events. Executive teams can hop into three exotic cars and get hands-on instruction by a professional drivers in the club’s Inde Excursion private event experience. Corporate teams can come together for a day of high-performance driving topped with gourmet meals and time together on the track.


And for drivers who already have enough skill and experience behind the wheel, Inde is set to present its IMR Challenge Series, a two-day racing series among members that takes place every year throughout September and April. Wheel-to-wheel racing, time attacks, and street car lapping are all on full display, and for members who aren’t certified, IMR provides a two-day competition racing school to obtain a license and get a spot in the challenge and race fellow Inde members.

The minds behind Inde wanted to create more than just a track in the desert to lay some rubber down on. Instead, the goal was to create a truly unique, well-rounded experience. Members can head to the track and work on their handling and braking and turns, but they can also make it a weekend excursion, a Mecca-like pilgrimage to the desert to experience something together with friends and family. That’s what caught the eye of Director of Business Development Adam Powell, 10 years ago when the motor club had just opened up.

Powell was raised around cars, heading to the tracks with his dad, racing everything from go-karts to formula cars. For Powell, it was a blend of his passion for cars and sharing something with his dad that created an emotional connection to Inde.


“When Inde was first starting in 2010, my dad and I heard about the track and went down to see it. From our first visit we were hooked and began consistently racing throughout the year.” he notes. “Many of our members have done the same and use Inde as an escape for their friends and family. That’s the kind of experience we want to create.”

To this regard, it’s no surprise to see couples or families head down together, either trailer-hitching their own rides down or being flown in by personal airplane service and staying in one of the ranch’s 12 luxury trackside casitas, complete with unobstructed views of the track. Freshly prepared gourmet meals are available throughout the day by the on-site kitchen staff and a community lounge pad, the Big Barn, is available for families who come down for two or three days at a time to take a break from burning rubber.

“With a 14-year-old son still at home, we’ve been able to enjoy amazing quality time at IMR. Driving cars together on the track, riding dirt bikes, driving our RZR UTV on the off-road track, and even exploring the beautiful surrounding area on our mountain bikes–the range of activities at the ranch is near endless. There is something magical about sharing these kinds of experiences with your entire family,” says member Mark Russell. “There’s a strong sense of community here; we call it the ‘Inde family’, which includes the members, staff and owners. We have made some truly great friends since joining IMR, and it is such a blessing to be able to enjoy all that Inde has to offer with all of these fine people!”


Currently, Inde is set for more growth, and not just in membership. The grounds are being leveled for brand new two-story condo-type buildings with personal bays. With a projection to be ready by spring, the buildings can accommodate up to 10,000 square feet of buildable space, giving members their own personal box suite.

For more information, visit: www.indemotorsports.com, email Adam Powell, adam@indemotorsports.com, or phone/text, 480-619-1166.