Cole Bailes’ Carspitality Classics Care with all the Details

  • story by David M. Brown
  • photos by Troy Lefevra
  • posted on 11/2020
  • posted in: Newswire

Cole Bailes takes care of your classics and the classic spaces where you show them.

His Carspitality staff will clean the floors of your cars and then mop your collector-garage floors. “Our mission is taking automobile collections and classic-car museums to the highest level of presentation,” says the 23-year-old Scottsdale resident.

The services include hand-washing cars and motorcycles; detail-spray wipe-down and dusting; battery tender connection; bathroom disinfecting and detailing; living space disinfecting and detailing; dusting/mopping floors; memorabilia care; placing oil drip mats; floor-care management; showroom dusting/detailing; and managing a collection. These services can be contracted weekly, biweekly or monthly.


Customers can also select specialty services such as steam cleaning; engine-compartment detailing; undercarriage detailing; vehicle-interior detailing; aluminum/chrome polishing; leather restoration, care and recoloring; award-winning paint correction; vehicle protection; concours show prep; and deodorizing. He and his crew are insured with a $5-million policy.

The Arizona native and former New River resident calls himself a “muscle car junkie at heart.” He has been selling and building since his early teens, first crafting scooter bars and selling them at the skate park.

He began Cole’s Detailing in his freshman year of high school. “Older classics always got me excited at a young age, and I soon found my passion in auto detailing. Now getting to care for very collectible vehicles in the detailing restoration business, I am very grateful, to say the least,” he says.

He particularly enjoys maintaining vehicles that have been cosmetically restored, detailing them to a concours-level finish. “Preserving and restoring history is something very special to me and my clientele,” he adds, noting a “soft spot” for early Chevrolets.

“That level could involve polishing all the imperfections out of the paint; color sanding the paint completely flat with no texture; steam cleaning the undercarriage for two days straight; disassembling the interior so you can detail beyond the eye can see; repairing a scratch in a leather seat; or installing new restored parts,” he explains.

Comparing his services with others is easy in our social-media-focused world. But, Bailes chooses not to. “The industry,” he says, “has a lot of knowledgeable professionals like myself.”

Still, he adds, “Very few have my knowledge and experience with high-price-tag collector cars. It is a completely different game than just doing a wash and wax on a daily driver. There are a lot of important aspects about classic cars that most detailers will not take the time to learn; therefore, they are sticking to the basics of detailing.

“What sets me apart is my attitude, my old-school personality and my involvement in the collector car scene,” he says, noting that he has been detailing at car auctions such as RM Sotheby’s, Worldwide Auctioneers and Gooding & Company since he was 15.

The company motto: “We detail, you enjoy.”

Mike Lovell agrees; his Phoenix collection is Highline Autos GreatGarage for this issue. “I’ve worked with Cole for many years. I’ve also worked with multiple other high-end auto detail companies. None have come close to Cole’s level of knowledge and detail,” he says. “He is, bar none, the best!”,, 623.256.8069