Brush Hero: The Ultimate Detail Brush

  • story by Peter Volny
  • posted on 06/2020
  • posted in: Newswire

If there was one good thing about the Coronavirus it was that so many of us finally had time to clean out our garages and really do that long overdue wash and polish on our cars. As my neighbor Phil, with his awesome Corvette collection, said – “If I put any more wax on my cars they are going to slide right out of the garage.”

If you are like me, the most dreaded part of cleaning cars is the wheels and calipers. It used to be so easy in the good old days when wheels were steel and hub caps were plain and chrome. A blast of water, a damp cloth and they looked like new. Easy, peasy!

Now we have intricate spoked mags with narrow crevasses and slots that you can’t get into easily, if at all. I’ve tried toothbrushes, rags wrapped around screwdrivers, and various other ingenious but ultimately unsuccessful devices until I recently discovered Brush Hero. Actually, it was highly recommended by a friend with immaculate 2006 and 2017 Ford GT’s.


So, what is the Brush Hero? It’s a system of interchangeable sized and style of brushes powered solely by water from your hose. The water pressure spins the brushes so that you are scrubbing and washing your wheels at the same time with the same equipment.

For tough dirt and brake dust there is a tough brush and for more sensitive surfaces there is a softer brush. There is even a long thin brush that allows you to get in behind the spokes to the inner side of the wheel and onto the brake calipers. A quick connector enables you to switch brushes quickly and easily.

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