Brown is the New Gold

A visit to Brown’s Classic Autos will instantly make you realize that the language of luxury and excellence in all things auto is spoken here and has been since 1953. Owner, Walt Brown, is living his dream on a daily basis. His success at presenting cars for consignment, auction, sale or trade, as well as having a service facility that is slightly on par with sitting on a ledge in heaven – is beyond compare. But when you start with quality from the get go – the trick is to be able to maintain it. And maintain it he has.

From a small garage just a few years ago to 30,000 square feet today, Walt has combined his passion for cars with a commitment to superior quality, unsurpassed attention to detail and dedication to customer service. The result is a thriving business that has captured the attention of classic car enthusiasts across the country. The new and enlarged space has also allowed for the expansion of services the company can offer; evolving from the original concept of buying, restoring, and selling classic cars – to now being able to providing personalized, quality consignment sales – and the recent announcement of a fully integrated, multi-bay service department, capable of servicing most American and foreign classics. Walt sums it up best: “We are a concierge service for the car collector. Anything automotive, from an oil change and safety inspection to complete turnkey customs, we can do it all.”

Highline Autos spoke with busy Walt Brown, at their state-of-the-art facility in Scottsdale. He relayed that among the specialized services Brown’s now provides are maintenance, fabrication and restoration. And here is the best part: “Because Brown’s inventory is constantly evolving and so diverse, the growth of our exotic car selections now include exotics marques such as Ferrari and Lamborghini as well.”

Brown’s is currently accepting consignments also. The company has sold thousands of cars over the years through auction houses such as Barrett-Jackson, Russo and Steele and Mecum. Consigning your vehicle and/or trading are other aspects of Brown’s car business – a business where trust and professionalism must be at the forefront. Being engaged at every point in the process with the team at Brown’s is where years of experience play a great role, and where Brown’s fine reputation in the business truly speaks volumes. After all, fulfillment of your needs and desires is their raison d’être. For you non-French speakers that means that Brown’s is a class act to be sure.

As to auctions, walking you through the auction process is informative as well as fun if you have never experienced that. A tutorial by a staff member is a must if you want a premium auction slot for buying a vehicle in the near future. The next upcoming auctions in Reno, Nevada – Monterey, California – or Las Vegas’ Barrett-Jackson auction, may just see you with a bidder’s badge on – vying along with the big boys – eyeing some sleek wonder, but not letting on how much she is coveted. Brown’s will assist you all the way in buying either in person, or if you wish by phone, to place bids based on your desired make, model, year, or other criteria.

The hunt for the perfect vehicle to fit your dreams is what it’s all about after all. Whether it is for nostalgia, pride of ownership, or for investment – the reward is greater than the sum of its parts and, oh my, my, my what parts there are to be had at Brown’s. “Investing in anything produced in a limited quantity is a fine investment in my opinion,” says Walt Brown himself. Take the famed 1968 Chevelle convertible for example. This is one of Walt’s favorites because it brings back his youth and reminds him of drag racing fun. “Some people are not good at investing in stocks for example, but a car is something you can touch, drive, be proud of…even smell. That’s the kind of quality you don’t get in a stock market pick!”

Beyond the shiny showroom, and past the glittering vehicles, their craftsmanship, and glorious names like Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Rolls-Royces or Range Rovers, there is also the special relationship that Americans have had with their cars – a love affair that began ages ago and still whets the appetite for cherishing Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Fords, Oldsmobiles, and Plymouths, to name a few.

Speaking of affairs of the heart, Brown’s Classic Autos may also be found in the heart of Scottsdale near Phoenix for all of you fine car enthusiasts who appreciate exclusive services, and quality inventory. It is, as they say, the mecca for those wishing to buy, consign, or trade; bearing in mind that the love affair between people and cars lives on.

For more information on Brown’s Classic Autos call (480) 998-4300 or visit