Boss Mobile Detailing: The Gloss and Depth of a Ceramic Pro Coating

  • story by David M. Brown
  • posted on 08/2018
  • posted in: Noteworthy

Cars coated with Ceramic Pro have the ultimate long-lasting protection, gloss, and shine.

“The benefit of having your car coated with Ceramic Pro is long-lasting resistance from UV rays, chemicals and scuffs and cleanliness as well as an unrivalled gloss you have to see to believe,” says Alex Bolton, who founded Boss Mobile Detailing in Scottsdale in May 2015.

The ceramic-based nano-technology is much harder and longer lasting than other coating products on the market, explains Bolton, who works with a partner and one employee. “Once applied to a properly prepared surface, it permeates into the pores of that substrate, then chemically bonds to it, becoming a structural part of the surface.”


In the detailing business, the term “9H” describes Ceramic Pro because the product has been independently tested and proven to give vehicle paint up to nine times its original hardness while significantly improving appearance. And, Ceramic Pro can be layered; as each layer is added, the benefits multiply.

Recently, Highline Autos publisher, Brian Graff, had his BMW 750i treated. Bolton and crew came to his Scottsdale home to complete the process. He can also work at a business location.

First, they washed the car with a foam cannon, then gave it a thorough clay bar and iron deposit decontamination. “This removes any contaminants that are embedded in the paint surface, leaving it truly clean and making it primed for the paint-correction process,” Bolton explains.


The two-stage paint correction consists of a compound polishing to remove the deeper scratches and swirl marks and then a finishing polish to give the paint incredible depth and gloss.

The car is next prepared for the coating process with a solvent that removes any oils and product left over from the paint-correction process.

Finally, the ceramic coating is applied, in this case a Ceramic Pro Bronze package, which includes a two-year warranty covering the paint, trim, headlights and taillights, glass and wheel faces.

Costs vary depending on the vehicle size, value and the package selected, from $275 to $1,900 and more; warranties range from six months through a lifetime. Additional services can be added such as wheel-off coating in which the barrel and brake caliper are cleaned, polished and coated.

When the warranty is recorded into Ceramic Pro’s database, it is sent to CARFAX® to stay with the vehicle history, improving resale value. The warranty is also transferable between owners, Bolton explains.

Boss Mobile Detailing also provides interior and engine detailing as well as wet sanding, ozone treatment, steam cleaning and paint correction. And, he works with Protective Film Solutions in Scottsdale to provide clear bra and tint concierge services.

In addition, he has another company which offers applications to homes, offices, restaurants and personal accessories such as glass, stone, countertops, stainless steel appliances and shower doors.

“I founded the business on honesty and expertise,” Bolton says. “I don’t sell people on hopes and dreams. I sell them on what they can realistically expect from what they are investing in.”

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