Bawse Life Exotics

Who’s the Boss?

You’ll know a Bawse when you see it.

Ricardo Baptiste, Founder and CEO of Bawse Life Exotics, is sure of his premium rentals and sure of success. Opened at the Tempe showroom in January 2021, his company rents American, English, Italian, European and Japanese sports cars and luxury grand tourers in metro Phoenix/Scottsdale for short and long terms beginning at $199 per diem.


The inventory currently includes top marques and models such as the Audi R8 Spyder, Bentley Flying Spur, BMW I8, the mid-engine Corvette C8, Ferrari FF, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Lexus LC500, Maserati Ghibli S Q4, McLaren 570GT, Mercedes Class Coupe Cabriolet, Mercedes-Benz G Wagon AMG, Range Rover Supercharged and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Every Bawse Life Exotics vehicle is customized with upgrades including up-market rims, premium tires, tinted windows, enhanced sound systems and wraps. “We have no stock vehicles here,” Baptiste says. “That’s the Bawse difference.”

Heidi O’Brien, the company COO, adds, “Some of the cars are new, and the rest are in like-new condition. At Bawse you’re not rolling up to a typical rental place. Even if it’s a Range Rover, their car won’t be like the Range Rover we have. It’s not going to be custom; theirs is going to look like a rental.”

Bawse_Life_Exotics_Heidi O’Brien

Both are native New Yorkers. He was born in New York of Haitian parents, went to Haiti and then returned to New York. His dad was in the military, so the family moved to bases in California and Seattle. In August of 2019, he came to Arizona for a job opportunity. O’Brien was born and raised in Yonkers and came to Arizona to attend ASU.

Car love for Baptiste started in youth. When he was 5, his father began buying Hot Wheels miniatures for him. In addition, father and son played “name this car.” And, the day Baptiste saw a Testarossa for the first time, the classic Ferrari became his favorite car.

From his high school days, everyone called him “The Boss.” He says: “I’ve always had that swagger with my cars, clothes and how I carry myself. So for branding purposes, it was just perfect.”


The name is a cultural term, O’Brien explains, citing The Urban Dictionary: “A ‘Bawse’ is a human being who exudes confidence, turns heads, reaches goals, finds inner strength, gets hurt efficiently and smiles genuinely –– because they’ve fought  through it all and made it out the other side.”

Great cars demand concierge service. “From the outset, our customers will be working with Ric or me on all details. They will know that they can rent with confidence, fully aware that we always deliver a clean, sanitized and freshly detailed vehicle,” she explains. For example, if the company is delivering a car to the airport, a rep will greet them there; a key will not just be left. “They will always see a friendly face; whatever they need done, we will do.”

Recently a customer called from Old Town Scottsdale. The trunk release wouldn’t release. “Our fleet manager got it fixed for them on site,” he says.


Still in its first year, customers have applauded Bawse Life Exotics. “People are really excited that there is a business like this in the Valley,” she says. “They’re telling us it’s something that’s been missing here for car lovers.”

Baptiste plans to create a Valley charity, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” in which homeless parents and their children will receive various kinds of assistance.

“Check out our website or make an appointment with us; our inventory of high-performance and custom cars is always changing,” Baptiste adds. “You are a Bawse, drive like it!”


For more information about Bawse Life Exotics, visit, see Instagram @bawselifeexotics to view the cars or to set up an appointment for a visit to the Tempe location or email