Attorney Nathan Hughey Has Your Back

Since 2007, Attorney Nathan Hughey at The Hughey Law Firm has Taken on the Big Insurance Companies and Represented Injured Accident Victims During Settlement Negotiations and at Jury Trials.

Summer is here, meaning for most people throughout the country it’s time to hit the water, countryside, or open roads for a dose of warm-weather fun. For boat, car, and motorcycle owners, it’s the ideal time to take the cover off their favorite toys for cruises along the coast, through the country or for a night out on the town. But while summer might be an ideal time to enjoy some wind in the hair, it can be a challenge to protect your vehicles and loved ones from everything from minor mishaps to major collisions.

Should a major accident happen to your beloved boat, car, motorcycle, or other fun machine, Attorney Nathan Hughey and his team of accident advocates are there to help. Nathan Hughey started the Hughey Law Firm over 15 years ago with the goal of protecting not only the vehicles on the road, but the people actually in the vehicle. Over the years, they’ve recovered more than $195 million for their clients and have been awarded a number of honors, including being selected by Top Rated Lawyers as a top attorney in the area of transportation law. The firm represents those who were injured through no fault of their own and the families of those wrongfully killed. The common case types are vehicular accidents, wrongful death cases, hospital negligence, assisted living & nursing home injuries, medical malpractice cases, and dog bites.

“Our ultimate goal,” explains Hughey, ”when it comes to auto or other vehicle accidents, is for our clients to make complete recoveries physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.” When dealing specifically with specialty vehicles, Hughey states “There are a couple of claims that Hughey Law Firm makes on behalf of our clients who are dealing with damage to their exotic or luxury vehicle. The first and obvious claim is for property damage on the vehicle, which is assessed after an inspection by an expert. Second, we may take a claim for diminished value of the vehicle as a result of the accident. These two claims allow our clients to hopefully make a full recovery on their vehicle financially after an accident.”

Hughey goes on to say “Exotic and luxury cars present a unique challenge for personal injury lawyers for a couple of reasons, namely lack of sufficient coverage from at-fault drivers and diminished value of the car after an accident. Since a majority of drivers on the road likely won’t have sufficient property damage coverage to pay for the repairs to an exotic or luxury car, it is highly advised that as an exotic or luxury car driver, you get underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) to cover any gaps between the at-fault driver’s coverage and the cost of repair to your vehicle. Additionally, dealing with diminished value of an exotic or luxury vehicle is commonplace for claims in these types of accidents. Oftentimes, it is advised to retain an attorney experienced in handling these types of claims.” It’s clear that Nathan Hughey and his associates know exactly how to navigate the litigation process when it comes to bodily injury & property damage.

As for Nathan Hughey’s personal interests, he says “Boating is a passion of mine. Growing up, my family spent a lot of time either on Lake Murray or in the Atlantic Ocean in and around Murrells Inlet. I’ve owned boats throughout my life, including an Intrepid 345, several Boston Whalers, and more.”

When asked what advice he would offer to specialty vehicle owners in the Carolinas who want to stay safe and keep their items protected against injury, Hughey states “In addition to all of the standard advice you’d give anyone driving a car, boat, or motorcycle (don’t drink and drive, don’t drive if you are tired, etc.), I would say make sure you get the right kinds and amounts of insurance to cover yourself, your family and your property. Most of the time, accidents are entirely out of your control so making sure you are fully covered with insurance is key.”

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