AZ Euros, A Truly One-of-a-Kind Service

  • story by Nick Esquer
  • photos by Ruggy Ahumada
  • posted on 04/2019
  • posted in: Featured Dealers

AZ Euros carves out its own stake in the import world one car at a time

From November through April, Arizona sees a huge influx of people coming down from Canada to get away from blizzards, and the cold and the dark of the harsh winters up north. But come May, those part-time Arizonans pack up and head back home to beat the heat that’s waiting for them.

Yet another import from Canada that comes down regularly is that of the Canadian import car. But before those cars can be brought in and sold in the United States they need to meet import standards through the Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency. This can only be achieved through modifications to the vehicles, even after initially being admitted. And this process, although costly, is a must for car owners looking to enjoy their import vehicle.


However, here in Arizona, there is only one registered import service that can serve customers and meet the standards and regulations needed to keep things above board. That service is Mesa-based AZ Euros, a homegrown auto import shop and sales location that’s been serving the public since 2013.

Headed up by friends Chad Day and Christian Andrade, the auto sales and service business started out of their shared passion for cars–Chad, for selling cars, and Christian, for working on them. Initially, the duo wanted to offer the public a unique inventory with hands-on and personalized service. Those ingredients continue today, but have evolved to focus more on the company’s main feature, imports.

“As far as a daily mission we agree that without our customers being happy, we wouldn’t be where we are. It’s helped us to grow our business and we just want to do honest and clean work. That’s our thing, offering what other guys down the street can’t,” says Andrade.


AZ Euros offers car buyers a solid lineup of cars for sale, including Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Porsche, brands that the two car enthusiasts love to drive and work on.

As service specialists, AZ Euros makes it a point to handle anything bumper to bumper. With six full-time employees, the shop offers full-service options for cars, except for painting. Engine swaps, A/C service, general maintenance, timing belt, safety–they can handle it.

“There’s really not a lot we can’t do. Basically anything in between a bumper we can handle. We have figured out what really works in our service department,” adds Andrade.


But the main reason why AZ Euros has grown and picked up a more loyal customer base is its truly one-of-a-kind service not offered anywhere else in the state. Dealing with import cars is a long process that takes resources and manpower that much larger shops usually handle.

But through their vision, determination, and overall passion to serve the public as the only registered importer in the state, Christian and Chad have cut out a truly unique business platform that’s seen exponential growth.

“We’re on a list of less than 80 registered importers in the nation licensed with the NHTSA, and the U.S. government, to bring in cars that are not certified for U.S. highways. These are brought in to conform to U.S. standards, which we take care of, no problem,” explains Day.


Currently, the guys behind AZ Euros are focusing on keeping things moving the way they have been, with steady growth and a happy customer base that sees the value in what they offer. And with no competition in sight at the moment, the opportunity is all theirs.

“We just want to continue to grow, even though we don’t have a full goal of what that looks like. We truly do enjoy what we have and just want to make our customers happy,” says Andrade.

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