A Slice of Luxury at an Affordable Price

Experience the ultimate definition of luxury with San Diego Prestige, located in the heart of Downtown San Diego. Your dreams can be fulfilled with a rental experience like no other, whether your dream includes coasting down the highway in their beautiful Ferrari 488 GTB or sailing the waters in their luxurious 143ft Leight Star yacht. For some, Prestige Rentals fulfills dreams, but for others, San Diego Prestige offers a lifestyle.

Since 2004, San Diego Prestige has made car renting and living an affordable lifestyle a pleasurable experience in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, and the Greater Southern California area. “We provide more than just a rental; we provide a full experience with pick-up service and chauffeur service available upon request,” says Tarek Kabban, Chief Operating Officer of San Diego Prestige. In addition to receiving a rental car for your wedding, birthday party, bachelor party, business trip, or other event, you get to experience working with a cohesive team that provides impeccable customer service.
San Diego Prestige succeeds at getting customers to become part of their family and having engaging interactions during the sale’s process. In regard to a customers’ experience, CEO of San Diego Prestige, Geoffrey Tizon states, “We want to give them a time that they will always remember because we are working with passion and we want to share this passion with them”.

The passion is even shared at the airport from the second someone walks off a plane in the United States because San Diego Prestige encourages customers to continue their everyday lifestyle, driving the car they are used to. For those who have only been able to dream of driving an exotic, luxury automobile, Prestige Rentals satisfies those dreams and can have a car waiting at the airport for you too.


With future business plans to expand within the next few years, San Diego Prestige predicts they will hold majority of the market share in San Diego. They have business plans to expand to other markets and “work with asset partners to expand our selection of offerings based on the needs of each specific market, says Kabban. Group projects have helped play a role in this process, like their partnership with the Fairmont Grand Del Mar Hotel with offers a luxury package, including 2-3 nights, as well as a Maserati or other luxury car rental. In May of 2018, they delivered 5 Maserati cars to their hotel.

Kabban emphasized the importance of the customer service they provide, “We don’t consider a transaction successful until we have positive feedback from the customer upon return of the rental combined with customer loyalty and repeat transactions”. There are 25 luxurious cars and 8 stunning yachts on their online inventory, but Kabban states, “We have access to a wide fleet mix and we work hard to meet customers’ individual requests” for those who want something beyond their inventory.

Unlike other car rental services, San Diego Prestige values lifestyle as much as they do their customer service. Customers do not just come back for more rentals, they become lifelong friends.


With luxury available at an affordable price, a Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, or any lavish automobile is a few clicks away. You can receive information or reserve your automobile or yacht by visiting www.sandiegoprestige.com emailing info@sandiegoprestige.com or by calling their 24/7 service number at 1-858-551-6001.