A Look Inside Motor Vault

  • story by Nick Esquer
  • posted on 01/2022
  • posted in: Newswire

Valley luxury garage suites Motor Vault houses more than exotic cars

This January, car enthusiasts across the Valley will gather together sharing their passion for automobiles in a month full of events. But while the yearly car extravaganza is a great opportunity to look over some of the most unique and sought-after vehicles from yesteryear and today, for real estate developer Vern Haugen, it’s practically an auto show every day of his life.

Haugen has been in real estate development and luxury custom home construction for nearly three decades. He has developed more than $300 million in real estate throughout Arizona, North Dakota and Utah. Now, Haugen, an auto enthusiast in his own right, is taking his passion to luxury garage ownership with Motor Vault.


Located in Fountain Hills and Deer Valley–and possibly a North Scottsdale location soon enough–Motor Vault offers customizable garage suites that car owners dream of. With a variety of sizes and floor plans, members can design the ultimate private and secure home for everything from supercars to RV’s to motorcycles.

The Fountain Hills location houses 30 units ranging from 1,070-2,208 square feet. At Deer Valley, 80 units range from 540-1,500 square feet and offer double wide or double long pull-through options. The idea for Motor Vault came from Haugen’s own need to house some of his 22-unit collection after downsizing his home.

“I missed having all of my toys organized in one place. I came across this garage complex idea and realized a huge need for it because home lots are getting smaller and smaller,” he explains. “There is nowhere to put your extra cars, motorcycles, boats, RV’s or trailers. So many families need the extra space!”


Standing at two stories in height, members have plenty of space to house numerous collectible cars and automobilia. Haugen’s Motor Vault allows members’ garages to be both functional and flexible, meeting their needs and desires for what they want their offsite garage to look and feel like. Members can customize their space and make it their own- often turning them into a man cave. “The uses and benefits are endless. Owners deserve to have a place for their toys, and we can help with that”, notes Haugen.

But Motor Vault is not only a place to store autos, it is a luxury multilevel entertaining space. A “Members-Only” clubhouse will be available to host game nights or get-togethers with family, friends and other owners. With monthly social events hosted by Motor Vault, owners automatically become members within a community of other enthusiasts who love cars and enjoy auto-related events.

A private gated development, each Motor Vault is pre-wired for Internet and pre plumbed for bathrooms. The Vaults are also highly energy-efficient with the ability to stay temperature and climate-controlled throughout the year protecting your toys from the Arizona heat. For members who have more than just a few cars to keep locked away, Haugen suggests installing mezzanines to take advantage of the 18’ ceilings.


Safety and security for members is paramount. Motor Vault has extensive cameras all around the property and the option to have cameras installed inside each garage. Moreover, each unit has a steel reinforced door with block exterior construction, along with fire sprinklers and fire alarms for ultimate safety.

Motor Vault is also ideal for anyone wishing to downsize their home. As Haugen puts it, “people have worked hard for their toy collection and deserve a place to keep and enjoy them. Furthermore, owning a Motor Vault builds equity instead of throwing money away paying a monthly rent. Now you have a permanent place for your items to call your own.”

For more information on the Motor Vault or to purchase your suite call 480-325-8444 and visit www.motor-vault.com