A Jewel in the Desert

America One Real Estate and MP Design & Development Bring White Glove Approach to Valley Real Estate

While practically every industry has undergone massive change at the hands of technology in the last 30 years, the real estate industry might be the most evolved. In reality, how people buy and sell their properties has been pushed through a thin metallic funnel of streamlined services, app-happy development, and algorithm-based solutions. From Zillow to Trulia, Airbnb to working from home, the real estate industry goes the way society goes.

So, in an industry that’s already challenging, ongoing evolution might eat some more regional real estate companies alive, and understandably so. However, one local real estate agency has been able to lean more heavily on one-to-one, person-to-person relationships with clients, making technology a component, not a main focal point.


Founded in 1988 and now headed up by German-born duo and managing partners Patrick Niederdrenk and Maximilian de Melo, America One serves the luxury home community in Scottsdale, the Biltmore, Arcadia, the Camelback Mountain area, and Paradise Valley, where the team is currently overseeing a new development, Crown Canyon.

A 12-lot community surrounded by the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, Crown Canyon features homes accented by an active blend of modern amenities, sleek layouts, and natural desert beauty. The project is just one example of how America One and the pair’s own MP Design & Development are meeting the demands of the modern and sophisticated homebuyer in the luxury home market.

“I think what we do differently is that we’re boutique, it’s the nature of our set up. It’s a very white glove exclusive service we provide to our clients. We have development in house. Anything you can think of, like the plumber or cleaning, we have it. We have so much access to reliable vendor partners,” notes de Melo.


Together, under their leadership, the pair has taken America One from $4 million in annual sales to more than $100 million in a challenging market that’s only becoming more flooded with more agents and opportunists.

“When we came in, the previous partners running it weren’t trying to grow it at that time. Instead, they were more focused on building out a firm foundation that has made the company valuable. We wanted to take our backgrounds in the tech world and give it a startup-like feel and a German engineering kind of approach. It’s all about seeing the right opportunity,” says Niederdrenk.

Like de Melo, Niederdrenk, a former pro golf player, has a background in technology and startup culture. And with everything from how we order food to how we meet people to how we get jobs, technology has changed everything. But while these two tech-minded, modern real estate movers are keen on technology, it shouldn’t get in the way of a more personal approach to working with clients; something that America One emphasizes in every transaction.


“Whatever you do, tech is going to be involved. But, with America One, we stress the personal component, making it our number one thing,” notes Niederdrenk. “Tech is complementary, but it’s not the main ingredient. We want to make sure we’re taking care of everyone with the same hands-on, personalized approach.”

It’s this dedication to the client and their individual needs that has helped America One excel in the luxury real estate marketplace, one that is just as opportunistic and challenging as other pricing points in the industry.

“There’s so much competition in Phoenix. The market’s hot so people might want to try real estate. The landscape will have more attention, especially in Phoenix. For our company, we want to remain boutique to deliver first-class service from start to finish,” explains de Melo.


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Patrick Niederdrenk
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