Streetside Classics: Sales, Service, Satisfaction

  • story by David M. Brown
  • posted on 01/2022
  • posted in: Newswire

Looking to buy a standout classic Z/28 Camaro? Streetside Classics usually has more than a score.

Want to consign one? Streetside Classics wants to talk.

“Same goes for Mopar, Shelby, Chevelles, trucks and more. Streetside always carries an enormous selection of all years, all equipment packages and all colors. You tell us what you want, and it’s more than likely we have it,” says Bob Mueller, vice president of Sales & Marketing. “If we don’t, we probably will soon.”


Charlotte, North Carolina-based Streetside Classics has six large indoor showrooms nationwide, with 1,600 collector cars in stock and ready to buy. The company takes consignments of all types of specialty vehicles, including American Muscle, Pre- and Postwar Classics, Late-Model Exotics, Off-road and 4x4s, European Sportscars and Hot Rods. “This makes Streetside almost like a factory for dream cars,” he adds.

Minutes from most of the January auctions is the company’s Valley location at the U.S. 60 Freeway and Mesa Drive, 614 East Auto Center Drive, Suite 10. The 53,000-square-foot showroom showcases 260 cars. “Stop by, and one of our associates will take you for a complimentary tour,” Mueller says.

An experienced, customer-centric staff has hundreds of combined years of expertise and is known for its laid-back approach. “We are regular recipients of prestigious customer service awards around the business, and that’s something we are very proud of,” he says.


CEO Donna Robbins opened the first showroom in Charlotte in 2008 and has led Streetside Classics to sales figures that are among the best in the collector car industry, Mueller explains. In 2021, the company posted its best year, selling 3,800 vehicles for $133 million. Because of these upward trends, Streetside is looking at several U.S. markets to open a seventh location in 2022 or 2023.

Much of the company success derives from the relationships formed with buyers and sellers worldwide as well as with banks and lenders, providing you multiple options to buy. Mueller says, “We’ve become known as the ‘Nation’s #1 Consignment Dealer’ because we provide sellers and buyers alike with top-flight customer service throughout the process, and our per-location sales are substantially higher than any of our competitors.”

Customer service has also driven company success. As a consignor, Streetside Classics makes the process easy for you, including initial evaluation, pre-marketing and presentation. “Your car is marketed in a proven and professional manner, published to outlets both in house and via our marketing and media partners across the globe,” he says.


All six showrooms have won “Customer Satisfaction Awards” from Dealer Rater. “This puts each of our locations in the top percentile of U.S. car dealers who have the most positive reviews and the highest customer service based on both buyer and consignor feedback,” he says.

Equally important is expertise in shipping and logistics. “We make shipping your new car to your door easier than ever,” Mueller explains.

Let Streetside Classics handle your sale.


“This eliminates you from having to take pictures, write descriptions or hire somebody to take pictures and write descriptions, place countless ads, uploading things to the internet, dealing with endless questions from fake buyers online and then dealing with tire-kickers coming to your house or business,” Mueller says. “Then, once you sell on your own, you often have to deal with payment arrangements or wait for payment. We remove the hassles, simplify the process, and make it easy.  We also have zero up-front consignment fees in comparison to auctions where the auction entry fees can get into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

“All we ask is that you us give us a shot and go read the positive reviews about our services. Once you sell with Streetside Classics, you won’t sell your vehicles anywhere else!”

For more information, see or call, Arizona phone number, 480.926.1344, National, 866.542.8392.