1954 Jaguar XK 120 SE Factory Race Car

Back by popular demand, classic Jaguars are quickly becoming some of the most highly sought after collector vehicles on the planet! Fortunately for us, Arizona is home to World of Jaguars, considered by many to be the leader in Jaguar restoration and service. Also known as Doc’s Jags, World of Jaguars is considered the leader in purchasing and selling these fine automobiles and have contributed to many of the most prestigious car collections in the world. Their main Showroom is located in Northeast Phoenix with corporate offices in Scottsdale, AZ. Doc’s Jags has been dedicated exclusively to the Jaguar trademark for the past twenty-three years, making it one of the oldest and most renowned Classic Car dealer/restoration centers in the USA. It is no surprise that the World of Jaguars has won some of the most highly coveted awards for restoration. The long list of accolades spans throughout the United States as well as Europe. Some of the most notable honors include wins at Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA), the local, regional and national Concourse D’ Elegances. Other notable victories include Meadowbrook Invitational Concourses, Amelia Island Concourse, Burn Society Invitational, AACA, CCCA, and several additional local and national events. Their cars are frequent entries in some of the most renowned International rallies such as The Rallye des Alpes, Man Cat Trail, Jaguar Jabbeke Speed Trial, The fifty years XK Celebration, and the ACS Suisse-tour. Following up the list are the Gautier Classic, Colorado Grand, California Mille, the annual British-Euro Auto Tour, and many others.

The World of Jaguars was founded by “Doc” Scadron in the State of Illinois back in 1984. The entire operation then moved to Phoenix/Scottsdale in 2000. Doc’s Jags currently employs fourteen highly skilled service and restoration experts as well as using the very best available outside specialist and parts suppliers. There is a master engine builder who has thirty-five years experience working with racecar engines. In addition, there is a British Master, an expert mechanic/fabricator with 17 certificates of qualification recognizing expertise from the Jaguar factory (he possesses a tool box that measures 25 feet in length by eight feet in height that includes a full set of Whitworth British tools), and another mechanic/ restoration expert with over thirty-five years of exclusive Jaguar experience. Adding to the list of highly qualified experts, there are three other mechanics with exclusive and extensive Jaguar backgrounds; a service and parts manager with over twenty years of experience servicing mostly classic Jags. Doc also staffs two interior trim masters with a combined Jaguar installation history of over fifty years. In short, Doc’s Jags has arguably the most knowledgeable,experienced, and best-trained men to do whatever Jaguar work is required. Their attention to detail is incorporated all the way to the final delivery of your Jaguar, since the company has its own “in house” 18-wheeler and trailers. This service includes an all enclosed nationwide delivery service headed by Cim Miller, a thirty-year trucking veteran. Miller prides himself on punctuality and communication with Doc’s Jags customers.

Speaking of Jaguars, Doc’s Jags has an inventory of nearly eighty Jaguars! This ensures the World of Jaguars has one of the largest inventories of classic Jaguars in the continental United States. The cars conditions vary from 100 point concourse winners to project cars needing complete restorations. Model years range from the 1936 SS100s to the 1993 XJ220 super cars. This list also includes the XK 120s, 140s, 150s, and all the three series of XKE’s in between. Doc tells us that a large majority of today’s restorations and upgrades include the current trend toward modification. “This trend oddly has actually caused modified Jaguars to increase in value, rather, than decrease. Customers have been requesting improved reliability, handling, and performance- all aimed at getting more enjoyment out of their driving experiences” says Doc.

Doc’s Jags offers over 300 options to their clients including items such as: custom five forward speed transmissions, two and four wheel conversion to disc brakes, electronic ignitions, and changes from dynamo to alternators. There are various tire choices that include the original specification 3-inch white walls on modern steel belted radials, improved suspension systems, and a host of other choices.

The 1954 XK 120 SE is not only beautiful in ways that words cannot describe,it has tremendous driving potential. The 320hp engine delivers more than ample power, especially since it only weighs 2,675lbs. However, the true importance of this vehicle is its sentimental value. Doc states that the 1954 XK is “very special to my heart because it incorporates a lot of the knowledge we possess about these cars.” The car was restored for the fourth time on a sizable wager initiated by some of Doc’s most highly skilled employees. The bet included a restoration process that consists of the changing of the wheels and tires, exterior color, all new interior, rebuilt motor, new wiring, exhaust, and the addition of rear disc brakes. Further more Doc required them to install new instruments, a new cooling system, and a five speed transmission all within sixty working days! This endeavor took a total of 1750 hours to complete. They worked 46 of the final 48 hours to win the bet! Doc emphasized that this restoration is not typical and would usually take much longer. In fact, a full restoration can take up to two and a half years to complete. In addition, no man is allowed to work on a Jaguar for longer than two weeks straight since Doc believes he will lose that “keen eye” and become less sharp in his observations and quality of work. Instead, the Jaguar is placed into storage and brought out again two weeks later. All work is photographed in complete detail. The progress is then sent out to both the website and the customer via email. This process allows the owner to track the progress and provides them with a complete photo record.

The Jaguar market has changed considerably in the twenty-three years since Doc began. “ I never imagined we would grow so large as a company and be so busy” Doc told us. Doc has some definite changes in store with a planned expansion in the beginning of 2006. He intends to double the current work space to 10,000 square feet and add up to six more lifts. Doc informs us that cars such as Ferrari’s and Jaguars are on the forefront in the Hobbyist and Car Collector’s market. This is due primarily to the vehicle’s driving and eye appeal. These cars not only qualify as performers but as art as well. Many classic Jaguars are being passed from generation to generation. Thanks in part to efforts from Doc and crew, classic Jaguars are more desirable than ever!

Doc’s Jags website is a “webzine” of sorts. You can visit it @ www.docsjags.com. There are many interesting articles, videos and a complete list of Jaguars that are for sale.