2023 Cadillac Escalade

Thank you for viewing another vehicle brought to you by Luxury Auto Collection in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. Off-road or on the street, this Cadillac Escalade 4WD Premium Luxury handles with ease. The Cadillac Escalade 4WD Premium Luxury’s pristine good looks were combined with the Cadillac high standard of excellence in order to make this a unique find. No matter the terrain or weather, you’ll drive at ease in this 4WD-equipped vehicle. With exceptional safety features and superb handling, this 4WD was engineered with excellence in mind. There is no reason why you shouldn’t buy this Cadillac Escalade 4WD Premium Luxury. It is incomparable for the price and quality.


Vehicle 4WD Premium Luxury
Price $94,999
Miles 8,871 mi
Color Gray
Registration L6301
Drive Type Four Wheel Drive
Engine 8 cylinder 6.2L V8 EngineL


Year 2023
Make Cadillac
Model Escalade
Vehicle 4WD Premium Luxury
Doors 4
Drive Type Four Wheel Drive