2013 Lamborghini Gallardo

Thank you for viewing another vehicle brought to you by Luxury Auto Collection in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. Put performance, safety, beauty, sophistication and all the right amenities into a car, and here it is! Now you can own luxury without the luxury price tag! This is the one. Just what you’ve been looking for. Look no further, you have found exactly what you’ve been looking for. More information about the 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo: The true value in the Lamborghini Gallardo rests along three lines: incredible, spine-tingling performance, a design that’s a rolling work of art, and the kind of exclusivity that pads the personal image of those who already have everything. The Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe and Spyder are powerful, flashy, all-wheel-drive supercars–and and they’re among the fastest sports cars in the world, capable of topping 200 mph. And if the standard Gallardo just isn’t hot enough for you, there are special Superleggera Coupe and Spyder Performante versions that are even lighter and better-performing–although at the expense of some comfort.Crafted with Lamborghini’s signature design language, the Gallardo Coupe exudes style, sophistication, and aggression from every angle. The sleek, aerodynamic lines, iconic scissor doors, and aggressive stance make a bold statement on the road, while the low-slung profile and wide track give the Gallardo Coupe a menacing presence that commands attention. With its distinctive Lamborghini styling cues, including the angular headlights, hexagonal grille, and bold rear diffuser, the Gallardo Coupe is instantly recognizable as a true supercar icon.Step inside the cockpit of the Gallardo Coupe, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by luxury and refinement. The driver-focused interior is meticulously crafted with premium materials, including fine leather upholstery, Alcantara accents, and carbon fiber trim. The supportive seats offer exceptional comfort and support, while the intuitive controls and ergonomic design ensure


Vehicle Coupe
Price $144,999
Miles 10,559 mi
Color Black
Registration LA12543
Drive Type Rear Wheel Drive
Engine 10 cylinder 5.2L DOHC DFI 40-Valve V10 EngineL


Year 2013
Make Lamborghini
Model Gallardo
Vehicle Coupe
Doors 2
Drive Type Rear Wheel Drive