KryptAll: Keep it to yourself

No more close calls with your security.

Anyone who has something important to say by phone has something important to keep private.

You, and only you, should make the decision to publicize, and profit by, your vital information.

Now, a California-based company, KryptAll offers the KryptALL™ K Phone and KryptALL™ K iPhone that can to ensure what you say by phone is only heard by those you intend to hear it.

Point-to point-encryption has been used for decades but for a limited market.

“Our company has been providing secure communications products to heads of states, foreign dignitaries, the Department of Defense and defense-industry companies,” says Richard Di Sabatino, a company principal who trained as an electrical engineer and has served more than 20 years in the defense and intelligence industry.

Now with KryptAll, Fortune 500-level and similar executives can make encrypted calls to regular phones without any call records. “This guarantees your privacy when you are the target of interception, because KryptAll-protected calls are safe calls,” he says.

“Our product is designed by engineers who understand phone interception to supply technology that will provide secure communications without a record of calls and making them nontraceable,” he adds.

How vulnerable are our phone calls? “Just follow the Snowden reports (WiKi Leaks) and most recently the renewal of the Patriot Act,” Di Sabatino says. “And, every day, we read of reports on all the hacking that is happening throughout the world.

“And it’s not just sharp teenagers with nothing to do but their homework who are doing this. It’s highly experienced professionals with the finest interception technology. And those forces have to be met with better force or you’re risking your privacy, your company’s security and your family’s safety.”

In addition, the foreign-traveling executive’s calls can be monitored, and phone record searches have become normal in divorce cases and business intelligence. “Phone calls are more vulnerable than ever since the first phone call was made,” he says.

The KryptAll product is a combination of software, embedded firmware and hardware. Here’s how it works. KryptAll purchases unlocked iPhones, purges them of spyware (which watches your conversations) and malware (which can damage or disrupt phones) and then modifies the phone with its proprietary software.

“Your cellular network remains the same, your functionality is retained, there’s no communication delay or reduced audible fidelity as with traditional encryption technology and the receiving phone does not have to be encrypted,” Di Sabatino says.

In technical terms, KryptAll™ codifies the call over the IP network with encrypted Twofish session, 256-bit AES, using 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange. The privacy of the phone call is further guaranteed by using a global network of encrypted servers in approximately 10 nations where telephone interception is not permitted, and the phones are built so that any internal or external tampering is impossible. 

KryptAll phones can be used in a car, boat or plane from anywhere in the world and require only a connection to the IP through WiFi or a cellular carrier. Also available are optional satellite links for remote areas that do not have WiFi or cellular coverage.

“Our greatest testimonial in a confidential industry is the number of clients that purchase one KryptAll phone and then reorder several at a time,” Di Sabatino says.

As a high-performing professional, you’re a highly susceptible target. Keep it private, with KryptAll. Secure your calls to yourself and your recipient –– anywhere, anytime. 

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